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From Usual to Cloud Servers

Cloud servers are normally deployed on high end hardware and use virtualization to allow many virtual computers to run on that hardware. In just a few minutes the cloud server can be deployed and configured. With cloud, it is very simple to scale and resize the server which will give you the ability to easily and quickly add or remove memory, computing power, and hard drive space that is customized to the application and data requirements of your applications you are running on that cloud server. Cloud Servers can easily be backed up and moved between data centers. Cloud server management is built into the Cloud software so monitoring and patching is more efficient.

97% Premium Email Delivery

When we sent our first email from SMTP servers, we achieved 80.7% email delivery rate and used reports to find over 200 bad email addresses. Fortunately delivery rate improved with every email sent, and by first month we achieved 92.8% deliverability. Now, nearly one year later, we have increased server delivery rate to 97%.

We have also experienced other benefits since one year. We have also proved to be a user-friendly system, even for those who are not technically savvy. This has allowed the our to easily create and deploy email campaigns themselves.


Shared SMTP
Speed : 300 Emails / Hour
Daily Limits : 7,200
Monthly Limits : 200,000
Cost : 0.0001 Cents / Email
Plan Starts from
$19.99 / monthly
$49.99 / Quarterly
$79.99 / Semi-Annually
$129.99 / Annually


Virtual SMTP
Speed : 1,500 Emails/Hour
Daily Limits : 36,000
Monthly Limits : 1,080,000
Cost : 0.00013 Cents/Email
Plan Starts from
$149.99/ monthly
$399.99 / Quarterly
$699.99 / Semi-Annually
$1199.99 / Annually


Dedicated SMTP
Speed : 15,000 Emails/Hour
Daily Limits : 360,000
Monthly Limits : 10,800,000
Cost : 0.00008 Cents/Email
Plan Starts from
$899.99/ monthly
$1,499.99 / Quarterly
$2,499.99 / Semi-Annually
$3,999.99 / Annually

What is High-speed CLOUD SMTP Servers?

Mails on the go – how easy can it be?
Few things are as irritating as having to change mail setup all the time or constantly having to communicate through webmail when you work away from the office. But now you can forget all about different outgoing email servers and detours and simply use the same mail programme or mail client regardless of where you are.
With you get an outgoing SMTP server that always works regardless of which network you are moving in. When your login code are inserted in your laptop, smartphone or PDA for the first time, you are free. If, for example you use when you’re working, you do not need to do anything extra in order to easily read and send mails when you come home. guarantees a constant and sufficient service from any internet connection and maximum bandwidth and speed via high-performance cloud servers.

Looking for a SMTP solution?

You have 2 Options
1) Your ISP or web host's SMTP server.
These are often poorly run and configured wrong, have unacceptable downtime, and come with untold daily restrictions on the number of emails you can send. Such servers often have nobody looking after their reputation - blacklisting is a near certainty.
2) ... And then there's
Use and rest easy in knowing that your emails will always get to their destinations, no matter what.
You can focus on what you do best, and leave all the email handling to us. We're pros, and we can handle any issues related to outgoing email.