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Monthly Archives: November 2016

What is error 550 and how you can reduce it

Among all the error replies for SMTP servers, 550 is the most common and is often comes with when a mail is not delivered to the intended recipient. Error 550 simply means or states that the targeted email address does not exist of are temporarily unavailable. The error message with 550 lets you recognize the…
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Ways as to how you can improve deliverability for your email marketing campaign

Email marketing is the best tool to promote the business among potential customers and it ensures maximum return on investments. Hiring the services of is extremely important for availing a SMTP server for your email marketing campaign and helps you experience best results. A successful email campaign is one that has a higher percentage…
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Shared IP address or a dedicate IP address, which one to choose

An IP or internet protocol address is entirely different from the domain name of the site or the URL of the website. IP address in particular is a sequence of numeric digits that is assigned to almost every internet accessing device. The domain name of the site serves as the address of the website on…
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