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A business website in today’s digitally driven world is a must for a suitable promotion of the business. With increased encroachment to security and lack of personalization, shared servers do not prove as effective as they should and hence the role of Virtual Private Servers becomes all the more important. VPS have become the preferred hosting platform for big websites and with you can avail dedicated resources along with root access. We as a server hosting agency provide you with cheap VPS server for your websites along with functions and features of a dedicated server. We provide VPS server hosting at the rate of dedicated servers and you do need spend any additional cost when it comes to availing a safe and secure hosting experience. Given below are some of the most suitable benefits that you can avail with cheap hosting from us.

Root access – Although a shared network hosting is a suitable platform for hosting your website but here you cannot guarantee safety as well as privacy. You also do not get the facility of complete access and there is minimum scope for any modification or further installation of any additional application. However, all these issues are not faced when you opt for VPS hosting with When you opt for a VPS hosting with us, you get the facility of root access with the server for an enhanced hosting experience. This facility is quite suitable and lets you install almost any application on the VPS package of your choice for full completely satisfied experience.

Fully secure and isolated hosting – A virtual server is created using a virtualization technology and here you get a separate space which is fully dedicated to your website. We provide you with a hosting space for your website that is absolutely secure and provides you with isolated hosting experience as well. With us you can for a package for your website where you can install applications that remains completely unaffected and no other user have the access to your space.

Resource guarantee – Virtual private servers are getting more and more popular and provide you wih excellent security and reliability for your business website. With us you can upgrade your virtual space at anytime and hassles of changing the server can be avoided. We provide businesses with cheap VPS hosting and provide resource guarantee with the server facility. The best thing about VPS server provided by us is that you get same bandwidth for your applications that have been allocated to your RAM and CPU as well as Hard disk drives.
Facilities that you can avail with VPS server with the help of

• Virtual servers are quite suitable for big as well as small websites and are a perfect alternative to expensive dedicated servers. We at understand the need of small businessmen and provide them with facility to create different virtual server with a single private server. The VPS servers provided by us are quite flexible and a website owner can have multiple servers created for them for different websites so that updates, installations are easy to handle.

• When you hire the services of you get the facility of root access. This facility is quite valuable and allows you to update or install any application of program on the VPS provided it is compatible and does not violate the norms of business.

• The VPS package provided by us is quite economical and we provide cheapest hosting for it to give you best experience in respect to your website. Along with cheap service we also provide control panel facility as well at relaxed and easy rates. With our automatic installation process and proper configurations, you can install the control panel for your VPS package without any hassles at all.

• A business website cannot remain same for a longer time and upgrading it after a certain time becomes necessary. Business is supposed to grow as the time passes and need for a big and revamped website will always be felt. At this time, we provide you the facility of scaling up your plan and you can choose to upgrade the server space quite easily and quickly.

Virtual private servers are getting increasingly popular because they are cheap and prove a perfect alternative for dedicated servers. Server hosting agencies like are proving quite a boon for small business owners and provide for a perfect and reliable web hosting in cheap and best prices.

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