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The world of marketers changed drastically ever since the email technology became popular as a solid means of global marketing. Sharing information about your product(s) or service(s) to more than a couple of million prospective consumers, in a single click, is sort of a miracle called “Email Marketing.” From the biggest corporations to sole proprietorship businesses, everyone is taking the advantage of email marketing to sell products.

At all efforts are put in, to make sure that businesses thriving on global marketing campaigns should experience the best technology possible that can be available in today’s time. If one is looking for a one-stop-solution for all their marketing campaign problems, then SMTP Dedicated Server India can solve all of their online business related operations.

Dedicated Cloud SMTP

Now is the time to talk about real business. For established businesses that are already making millions online and want to expand further into more millions, they should look no further than’ Dedicated Cloud services. Available in a range of 15 SHOT, 30 SHOT & 45 SHOT.

The 15 SHOT sends across 15,000 emails per hour with a daily limit of 360,000 emails and a monthly limit of 10,080,000 emails. The 30 SHOT sends across 30,000 emails per hour with a daily limit of 720,000 emails.
The last, but Not the least, is the 45 SHOT which offers 45,000 emails per hour with a daily limit of 1,080,000 emails and a monthly limit of 32,400,000 emails.

What is a VPS Hosting Service?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a virtual machine that is usually sold as a service on the basis of renting. Consumers hire the services for a definite period of time to run all their online businesses.

VPS runs its own operating system that allows consumers to install any program or plug-ins beneficial for operating the business. However, at any point of time, consumers never own a dedicated underlying physical server in this process. VPS Hosting India is becoming popular because it eliminates the need to buy a costly physical server and then maintain it by hiring dedicated IT professionals.

At SMTP, one needs to just hire the server and leave all the technicalities to its professional employees. There are many benefits that you can gain from if you’ll hire SMTP Cloud Servers for all your email marketing needs.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers for Online Businesses

As of 2016, most email marketers use multiple softwares or apps to automate their businesses. The fact is that no one can keep either their desktop or laptop switched on throughout the day for the sole purpose of automating global sales occurring at different time zones.

Instead, a wise solution is to hire a Dedicated Server India and install all the dedicated marketing softwares on it and let it run 24 hours a day, every day without any glitch. Your only job would then be to just log into your VPS account at regular intervals just to gather your statistics and income statement.

Let’s dive in and encounter the VPS services that SMTP has got stored in for email marketers.

Shared Cloud SMTP provide three types of shared cloud servers, namely: Entry, Pro & Business. At entry level one can get a speed of sending 300 emails per hour with a daily limit of 7,200 emails and 216,000 emails per month.
The Shared Pro service allows up to 600 emails an hour with a daily limit of 14,400 emails that can be sent out. The monthly limit is 432,000 emails.

The highest in this category is the Shared Business service that has the capacity to send across 900 emails per hour with a daily limit of 21,600 emails and a monthly limit of 648,000 emails.

Virtual Cloud SMTP

The Shared Cloud service was mainly designed for all the startup online businesses. If you have set your foot permanently in the online marketing world, then you must go for a Virtual Cloud service that’ll give you more options for advanced operations.

The Virtual Cloud service has six different services to offer: 1.5K, 3K, 4.5K, 6K, 7.5K and 9K. “K” here stands for ��thousand.’ For instance, 1.5K means that the service can send across 1,500 emails an hour and 6K means 6,000 emails per hour. The highest quantities of emails that can be sent out per hour are 9,000. Their monthly limits range from 1,080,000 emails at 1.5K to 6,480,000 emails at 9K.

With all the aforementioned options, available, provide you with enough variety of services that will surely fit your budget. Whether you’re starting out with email marketing or have already made it a primary source of income, SMTP’s VPS hosting will leverage your business allowing you to exploit more advanced technologies. Call us now to know more.

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