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Email marketing software

Email Marketing Software

Reaching out to your loyal as well as prospective customers, is of great importance for your business. There are various ways to go about it, but you need to make sure that this task is handled professionally, and in an affordable manner. Our company can help you strike just the right balance. In fact over our extensive years of service, we have helped hundreds of firms make the most of email marketing.

An effective email marketing campaign can help your business increase its visibility as well as benefit from more sales and higher profits. With our help, you can take advantage of this at very affordable rates too. Thanks to our support and assistance in handling a truly exceptional email marketing campaign, you will be able to inform customers, as well as build lasting relationships with them. We can help you deliver the right message, at the right time, and as effectively as can be.

Our team at is committed and experienced in every aspect of email marketing. The foundation for a good email marketing campaign lies on the need to have a quality SMTP server. You cannot expect to run an email marketing campaign successfully without such a service. Our company can offer you the ideal choice for your bulk emails. We can integrate the service into any bulk mailer, and while benefiting from this service you won’t have to pay excessively high rates at all. In fact the prices that we offer are among the most competitive on the market.
Our SMTP servers will help to improve deliverability as they are reliable. We can assure you of dedicated IP addresses as well as constant message delivery monitoring. Our SMTP servers will be adjusted accordingly, so as to see to the high speed delivery of your messages, and the protection for those emails too. Without a high quality and safe SMTP service, your email marketing campaign can never be as successful as you expect it to be.

Thanks to our SMTP server, high speed delivery can be supported. Depending on the package that you choose, you are going to avail of hundreds of emails being delivered per hour. There are monthly limits applicable, and the rates vary from one package to another. We have done this in order to offer more customized possibilities to different clients. Every business will have its specific needs as well as a budget, and consequently we decided to set diverse packages so as to better cater for those requirements.

With our help your email database can be set up and well handled at very affordable rates. We offer business emails and consumer emails, and you will be able to choose the quantity of emails accordingly. Our email marketing software is among the best available as we can guarantee low bounce rates and a mass email service at really affordable prices. Your business needs an efficient and affordable bulk email service that suits its needs and budget, and we can offer just that.

We can create great emails, see that they are sent according to your email database, and also take care of the email tracking too. In fact we offer an email tracking software that can offer you great insight to make decisions and take corrective actions in the upcoming email marketing campaigns. The email tracking software as offered by us can help you seize control of your email marketing campaigns, and give you information about emails that were opened, and when, as well as the clicks that took place from within the email, and if any attachments were viewed or not. Thus will email tracking software you will be able to boost your email marketing campaigns’ efficiency in a way that you never imagined possible. Our service includes this too, and so you can literally supercharge your email marketing thanks to email tracking.

Cloud software is another benefit you can get from hiring us. Basically cloud based email solutions have lots of advantages for businesses, and we have thus made it a point to offer this to our clients too. Cloud software enables you to access the email service across different devices, and we can guarantee that there won’t be any conflicts or synchronization problems. Improved updating is also possible with cloud software.

Considering all of these aspects, there is no doubt that you cannot expect a better email marketing campaign than what we can offer you through our email marketing software and tracking services. Feel free to contact us for more information about our services.

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