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Email marketing tactics that always work

Today, email marketing is one of the important thing for every businessman to handle with care. Bill Gates have once said that those businessman who can handle Email marketing can become millionaire very quickly and efficiently. Bill Gates is one of the most successful and popular businessman in the entire world. A common report says that 58% of sales is done by a businessman is through email marketing while 17% is done through offline marketing. Today, lot of businessmen believe in email marketing but there are some businessman who are still depending on offline marketing rather than email marketing. To make those businessmen believe in email marketing Email Service and Send Pulse we, at SMTP Cloud Servers have introduced 7 email tactics.

1. Leave Open Rate - currently, lot of marketing specialists are being appointed by businessman so that they can track open rate as the chief email metric. It is very important to know that how many emails have actually been read by customers. But before that a businessman should know the exact amount of money that every email will bring to him. The main problem is that email service don’t provide such analysis. So, it is more beneficial for businessman that he should use our Google Analytics services to solve this problem.

2. Think about email programs- The basic point is that if email marketing will develop more the less effective it will become. Suppose, every Internet user is receiving 100 emails daily. This can create a big mess. Because user will only read those emails which are attractive or if the user is curious to know the information or content stored in those emails. To make these emails more attractive several types of email programs can be used by a businessman. A businessman should not limit himself to only one kind or types of emails.

3. Adapt your email for mobile devices immediately- Today, 90% of email is being opened on mobile devices. So, if you want to read your emails on mobile you should adapt the view of every email on mobile devices.

4. Create personal events- Today, most of the emails contain matter only about the positive features of a company. Most of the emails are only being written so that company can be praised. These emails are generally written so that company can become more and more popular among customers. For example: “We are one of the most talented and creative company that will help you in the best possible manner. But these things does not matter for any subscriber. Subscriber are too selfish too react on such emails. So emails should be written in such a manner that such emails should become personal for every subscriber. For example you are being registered for 2 years in our service. The email should contain matter regarding subscriber life because such content will increase subscriber interest and he will definitely read such emails.

5. Make an Impression – Today, subscriber does not have much time to spend in understanding the matter written inside the email. He only has three seconds for understanding the content stored inside the email. So businessman should be very careful while writing his email. He should use more and more attractive words to write his email so that he can attract more and more subscribers. He should not use too many pictures or unattractive words for his email because that will make his email more lengthy and boring for subscribers to read and understand.

6. Create follow –ups - Email services have lot of characteristics and features. It creates option in such a manner for series of emails to be followed-up in the right and efficient manner. Because it is more profitable to work with active clients rather than working with sleeping ones. With the help of follow-ups a businessman can easily hitch his client from one action to another one. It is very important for businessman to transfer the campaigns of email according to the behavior of subscriber. Because when email campaigns will match the behavior of subscriber he will try to read the emails with more desire and interest.

7. Give a bonus - This is the most effective email marketing tactics introduced by Email service and this tactics always work very efficiently and effectively for Email service. People always love presents. So, it is very important for a businessman that he should love his clients and his subscribers. The most important thing regarding an email is that it does not sell anything it only provides or sells a link the rest depends on landing pages.

We, at serve our clients with best Email marketing services, keeping their requirement & present business scenario, in mind.

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