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Email Marketing

Scale heights with email marketing campaigns.

A common objective in all organizations is to remain relevant or achieve brand superiority within their niche. This is only possible with widespread brand recognition and a continuous customer loyalty base. Email marketing is the most innovative direct marketing strategy that ensures targeted communication with a promise of the expected result.

It offers the best option for reaching a wider audience within a short period at a very low cost. In fact, a study by Marketing Sherpa found that email is the most preferred mode for receiving promotional content. Check Report here.

Email offers a more professional medium of communication. This implies that a new brand is more likely to be received more seriously if advertised via email than a social media platform. As a marketer or business leader capturing the attention of users is paramount to brand promotion and so is the return from that investment. E mail marketing is therefore an essential tool in business management that can help one achieve great success in business if done professionally.

Getting it right with the best email marketing.

A tool is of no use if it can’t be used properly. So how does one communicate effectively with email mail. That is what is for. is a trusted expert in providing reliable, adequate and secure hosting for mass mailing purposes. With servers that are capable of successfully dispatching up to 32,000 emails in an hour, it offers fast mail delivery services. SMTP offers the most user-friendly services which ensures better usage across all levels of staff in an organization.

With SMTP servers, business managers are able to track their returns since the cloud server management is built into the Cloud software to enable more efficient monitoring and patching. It therefore makes it quantifiable because it offers instant and direct communication to the clientele and thus building trust. Users have real time access to data on clicks,opens, bounces, social shares, forwards, subscriptions or unsubscriptions. It is therefore easy to track the progress of an email campaign. provides an avenue for turning potential clients into spending clients.

Get seen with cloud services.

The use of cloud services makes businesses stand out and ensures that they remain visible. SMTP can help to deliver customized emails for a range of products as required by any business. provides consistent services regardless of the network used because the servers are well configured and properly run to avoid downtime. In addition, there is a round the clock customer service that is always responsive. The customer care executives are professional and dedicated to the delivery of quality services as required by the client.

Value for money. offers a range of fairly priced packages to suit various capacities and needs with prices going as low $499 annually. The packages include three broad categories:- shared cloud, virtual cloud and a dedicated cloud. To learn more about these packages visit also offer email database services covering a range of regions across the world at very favorable rates.

Additionally, the payment methods are safe and universally acceptable making it easy to pay conveniently from whichever location in the world. All services are usually 100% refundable.

Termination of services is simple and only takes a short while to effect. This ensures minimal strain to the client and ensures that the client is at liberty to make choices they are most pleased with.

Safety first.

Safety of data is paramount to building customer loyalty and trust. If the brand is trusted, then it is dependable. Regardless of the type of business, clients always appreciate confidentiality and will be loyal if they feel safe. has an elaborate anti-spam policy that helps to protect organizations and the general public from internet abuse. It only promotes legitimate businesses and ensures they are compliant with the CAN SPAM Act. For instance, it is a requirement for users to properly label and identify their mailings. Also, they are required to have an unsubscribe option to give clients a choice to opt out of their services. A comprehensive list is available on the website to ensure users completely understand the terms of engagement.

The privacy policy also ensures that customer data is not collected illegally. Further, any information willfully submitted by a client is treated with utmost confidentiality; it cannot be obtained unlawfully by a third party.

The best business partner. supports businesses and individuals in maintaining online presence through a number of plans and strive to provide the most competitive services across the industry. The terms of engagement are clear and devoid of jargon to ensure clients feel like part of a reliable team.

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