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A darkened "Send" button in Apple Mail implies there isn't an accurately configured outgoing mail server (SMTP) connected with the Mail account. This can happen for various reasons yet the two in all probability are that the mail service you use upgraded its settings and you have to upgrade your settings, or your Mail preference is obsolete, degenerate, or has the wrong account details connected with it.

Outgoing Mail Settings

Once in a while, your mail service may roll out upgrades to its mail servers, including the server that gets your outgoing email. These sorts of mail servers are targets of malware intended to transform them into zombie spam servers. Due to the always-present threats, mail services will once in a while overhaul their server programming, which may thus oblige you to change the outgoing mail server settings in your email client, for this situation, Mail.

First make sure that you have a duplicate of the settings required by your mail service. As a rule, your mail service will have point by point directions for different email clients, including Apple Mail. At the point when these guidelines are accessible, make certain to tail them. If your mail service just gives general directions, this outline on configuring your outgoing mail server settings might be useful.

Configuring Your Outgoing Mail Settings

• Launch Apple Mail and select Preferences from the Mail menu.
• In the Mail preferences window that opens, click the "Accounts" button.
• Select the mail account you're having issues with from the rundown.
• Click the 'Account Information' tab.
• In the 'Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)' segment, select 'Alter SMTP Server List' from the dropdown menu.
• A rundown of all the SMTP servers that have been set up for your different Mail accounts will show. The Mail account you selected above will be highlighted in the rundown.
• Click the "Advanced" tab.

Here you can configure the SMTP server settings to coordinate those given by your mail service. If your mail service uses a port other than 25, 465, or 587, you can enter the required port number specifically in the port field. Some more established forms of Mail will oblige you to Use the 'Custom port' radio button, and include the port number given by your mail service. Something else, leave the radio button set to 'Use default ports' or ‘Automatically detect and maintain account settings,' contingent upon the form of Mail you're Using.

If your mail service has set up its server to Use SSL, put a check stamp alongside 'Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).' Authentication type your mail service employs.
At last, enter your username and password. The username is simply your email address.
Click "alright."
Try sending again. The "Send" button ought to now be highlighted.

Troubleshooting Apple Mail
In case you're experiencing difficulty with accepting or sending your Workspace email, Using Apple Mail on Mac, see below for some supportive investigating steps. You can likewise dependably Use webmail to check and send Workspace email.

• Username and password are wrong
Go to, and sign in with the email address and password you used to set up your account.
In the event that failed, double-check your email address, and attempt once more.
If still unsuccessful, reset your password.
Upgrade your account settings in Apple Mail.

• Using wrong POP or IMAP setting
Go to your Email Setup Center, look under Email Server Settings.
If you see just Incoming Server (POP3), you should use POP to set up your account. In the event that you additionally observe Incoming Server (IMAP), you ought to use IMAP to set up your account.
If you have to change the account type, set up another account starting with no outside help, using the right IMAP or POP settings.

• Using the wrong server address
Go to your Email Setup Center, look under Email Server Settings to get your right server addresses.
Make sure you are using the right server address, with the right POP or IMAP setting.
Check and update your account settings in Apple Mail.

• Ports are blocked
Go to your Email Setup Center, look under Email Server Settings to get your port choices.
If the port is black in color, SSL should be unselected. If the port is orange, you have to select SSL in your account settings.
Change your account settings in Apple Mail, using an alternate port.

• Not Using Password confirmation
Apple Mail may state that entering your User Name and Password for either your incoming or outgoing server confirmation is discretionary, yet it is required when setting up Workspace email.
Update your Apple Mail settings, being certain that any:
• Validation is set to Password
• Client Name is your full email address
• Password is filled in, and revise
• You can't get mail

You see the error:

The mail server [server address] is not reacting.
There's an issue with your incoming server or port settings.

• You can get mail, however can't send mail
You see the error:
Can't send message using the server [server address] The sender address [your email address] was dismisses by the server
There's an issue with your outgoing server or port settings.

• Mail quit working instantly subsequent to overhauling your Mac OS variant
• In Apple Mail, under Inbox, select the mailbox you need to change.
• Click the cog, and select Edit "[your email address]"
• Click Advanced.
• Observe the “Automatically Detect and keep up account settings” Option.

In the event that it is unselected, click to select. At that point, quit and re-launch Apple Mail.
In the event that it is selected, click to unselect. At that point, quit and re-launch Apple Mail. Repeat steps 1 - 3. Click a similar alternative to select it, once more. Stopped and re-launch Apple Mail, once more.

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