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How Simple Mail Transfer Protocol works

Network your mails service with best ports and SMTP protocols to avoid spams and TCP/IP issue

Almost every online activity is governed by some set of protocols. A protocol is simply called a networking or website rules and help your computer get connected to World Wide Web using your IP address. The internet is protocol or IP is one of many protocols that govern the online activity of a network in respect to World Wide Web. Similar are the rules followed when you send one mail from one email client to another server or one server from another server. These rules are termed as SMTP protocol; the protocols are used as TCP/IP and helps in sending of emails. The process that SMTP protocol follows is store and sends forward and helps moves your mail across the networks with the help of Mail Transfer Agent. An SMTP server is used for sending outgoing mails in bulk and we at provided dedicated servers for such bulk mails by following proper protocols.

How Simple Mail Transfer Protocol works –

• Sending an email from one server to another is quite a simple affair but cannot be performed with SMTP protocol. Almost every modern email client and as well as servers support simple mail protocol and SMTP settings include the Internet Protocol address of the server along with IMOP or POP server for sending a mail.
• Sending emails in bulk require you to have a robust server and for this purpose we provide you with a valid server along with legitimate protocol. SMTP Service provided by us embeds the address of SMTP server under your network and helps you specify the network of your choice while providing best SMTP settings.
• Outgoing mail server or an SMTP server cannot reach to another mail server without following some set of protocols. Sending of bulk mails is a necessity for business promoting your business and we provide you with a physical server dedicated only for you to manage traffic in a far more suitable manner. Our server SMTP server runs on quite a flexible TCP/IP control and we only use standard SMTP port number for the same.
• In order to make the SMTP server more robust and secure we provide you with the facility of SMTP Port 587 that supports various aspects of the mail and help combat spam mails. Junk mails are not at all an issue with us and we make sure that spammers are not able to sneak peek into servers and for this we take help of unofficial ports like 365.

SMTP ports and what to look for in benefits

• Ports are the end points that are connected to the network and are separated in order to cater to different process when sending an email. Ports are quite specific and help in completion of different process with respect to Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

• Ports are important to manage the network and usually a server employs SMTP Default Port that is port. We provide to our users the servers with this port in budget price. However, this port suffers from drawback of spam and malware and is not effective when site witnesses massive traffic.

• With SMTP cloud servers you can get rid of this problem by simply opting for email ports like 587 or 465 to get rid of this problem. We suggest our users or clients to opt for one of these two ports to secure better security and safety of the mail server.

• Another benefit of 587 Port SMTP is that it is highly viable and is supported by almost every email client as well as well as outgoing SMTP servers. We with the help of 587 ports help you unencrypted mails with almost every connection. We along with 587 also provide 465 ports to help you connect using the SSL server.

• Almost every outgoing mail port provided by us follows suitable SMTP Authentication and helps you regularize the follow of your outgoing mails quite significantly. With our servers and ports help you avoid any ISP issue for your emails and make sure that no spam is attached with your mail.

• The best thing about our servers is that once you have taken the help of our servers, you need not to configure it again and again and we make sure that SMTP Commands or protocols are followed or subscribed to in entirety to help you settle with nothing but the best. The protocols and commands are absolutely essential and give you the facility of ensuring best mail practices for your emails in some most delightful prices.

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