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How to configure Iphone SMTP Server Set-up

The Iphone in recent times has become one of the most suitable devices to access emails as well as send e-mails from any place. Emails with the help of Iphone are sent by using an email server client like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail but you need to modify its settings every time you change your connection. This is quite an unsuitable issue and can certainly impact your email sending as well as receiving. To simply avoid this issue you can opt for a professional Mail Server for your email client and can send emails from any platform with any type of connection quite easily and smoothly. To simply avail the facility of best SMTP Mail server for your outgoing mails you can hire the service of SMTP cloud servers and can configure server settings with every type of emails client as well as ISP.

Iphone mail is quite smooth to operate to access mails on the go and here are the steps by which you can setup an SMTP server for your Iphone –

• The first step to set up an SMTP server for your Iphone is to simply go to the Iphone Settings to Mail and then Contacts and calendars.

• Once you are done with the initial step now you simply need to tap on the email account from which you want to send the email to your clients as well as to your recipients. You can also add a new email to the server and can configure it with your iPhone.

• Now the next step that you need to go for is to choose SMTP under outgoing mail server. After this step now you simply need to click the add server option. This will prompt a window where you will be required to enter all the settings needed to complete the configuration of Webmail Server for your Iphone.

• The fourth step is quite important and you need to fill the required details to complete the configuration for a SMTP server for your email Iphone. First you need to make the server ‘On’ and then fill the required details. Now you need to provide the host name for the outgoing server of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The SMTP server could be of sort like The next requirement that you need to fill is the name of SMTP Port, here you need to fill the name of the Mail Port that you are going to use for your mail server. The port number is quite essential and helps in ensuring proper email deliverability. The SMTP Port Number 25 is the default port, but you can also opt for port 420 as well as 587 to ensure better effectiveness and mail deliverability while mitigating the hassles faced by port 25.

• Now once the host name has been provided it becomes important you can opt for a user name as well as password to maintain optimum security. The Outgoing Mail server can be set up using SSL and TLS encryption and can simply be authenticated to become a hassle free, reliable and best mail server for your outgoing mail.

Benefits of opting for SMTP servers with the help of SMTP cloud servers –

• SMTP server provided by is quite effective and helps you get better email deliverability for your mails. We also make sure that you are well placed with Incoming Mail Server and in that scenario we help you with complete setup of incoming server along with outgoing mail server.

• Email marketing requires you to send emails in bulk and you hire the services of SMTP cloud servers you are placed quite better and you get the facility of sending emails in bulk without putting any sort of restriction to your IP address. Whether it is outlook mail server, Gmail or yahoo we make our servers compatible to all mail clients with your IPhone Mail Settings in order to provide you best services in respect to sending and receiving of messages.

• The SMTP mail server provided by is highly secure and we make sure that you end up getting best security with you emails as well as mailing accounts. We always provide POP3 Server for your email account setup and we make sure that security is not compromised at any level regarding your IPhone Email setup for outgoing as well as incoming server. Quite suitable and reliable, the server provided by us is extremely cost effective, simple and secure and help in best email services.

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