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How to Configure your SMTP server to port 587

How to Configure your SMTP Server to Port 587

Configure your SMTP server to port 587 for secure and reliable submission of email messages.

Simple mail transfer protocol servers are quite important for sending emails in bulk and it provides you with the facility of facilitating the service of outgoing email quite suitably. An SMTP server for the proper functioning of it requires to be configured with right ports. Making sure which port is the reliable and most secure for your server is quite confusing and here the role of experts become quite important. We at help you chose the right SMTP port configuration and help you avail a robust and secured outgoing mail facility.

Most number of network protocols is mainly configured with one single port like FTP is ported with while SFTP is ported with. However, SMTP is clearly different from other protocols and it can be configured or associated with atleast ports at a given point of time. While 25 is the oldest port in the SMTP family and 465 are used to secure email messages, you can with the help of 587 look to submit your message via a client server to an email server. The SMTP Port 587 is especially reserved for submission if email messages and we provide to our users mail services only with 587.

Facts and benefits related to port 587 for SMTP server.

• Port 587 is an MSA (message submission agent) port that requires SMTP authentication and is often used as a replacement of port 25 in situations where the ISP blocks port 25. Port a587 are more traditionally associated with TLS which is a more secure method of mail delivery but both client and server need to support it.

• The port is marked as RFC 2476 and is the reserved port used for submitting emails messages to servers configured with the same port number. Email Ports need to be similar on both sides and you this helps in decoding of message that you send using a port 587, which is more advanced than 25.

• One most feasible point about 587 is that almost all servers support this port and we it is treated as the standard in outgoing mail submission. We at SMTP understand the need to pair with port 587 and hence design our server to make it compatible for the port. Our Server SMTP is sync with 587 provides most reliable and secure email message submission.

• The port 587 is quite technical and there are chances that it might be supported by the mail server software, but issues with its proper functioning can be faced if it is not turned on. The role of Hosting service as an administrator becomes quite important here and we at proudly claim that we support port 587 and provide every service related to it.

• Sending emails with the use of 587 ports is quite flexible and robust and you can with the help of submission servers send authenticated mails. Because the mail port 587 uses authentication mechanism, it simply mitigates activation of any spam or malware with the send mail. Authenticated sending of mails as well as mitigation of spams and malware is an important aspect why we prefer to provide our customers with port 587 rather than 25.

Features of the 587 ports.

1) Port 587 is the outgoing Simple Mail Transfer Protocol mail port and is also referred as SMTP TLS Port as well as TLS start.

2) The most remarkable feature about the port is that it is an alternative to port 25 and is an
official mail submission port.

3) The port uses TCP protocol for mail sending and for submission of mails it employs the use of UDP port.

4) Popular mail clients like yahoo, Gmail as well Apple mail accounts use the port for providing their users an enhanced security with mail submission.

Port 587 and email services.

We at make sure that when you opt for the port 587 for your email submission we provide the SSL Port Number to your port and make it highly secure and robust. The secure socket layer provides for better encryptions for mails and there is no chance of any mail being hacked or put into spam.

Using the port 587 for email submission is important and professional and SMTP Wiki about the port tells that is specifically designed to remove the flaws that were there in 25. With SMTP cloud servers you get the facility availing port configuration at quite flexible prices and we make sure that outgoing mails remain secure and intact.

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