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How to create a call to action (CTA) and increase traffic for your business

Business promotion is one of the most challenging tasks and requires you to always stay on top of your game. Promoting your business on the web is one the best tricks and here you can take help of various tools as well as techniques to generate traffic towards your website. Whether you are advertising your stuff through email marketing or via social networks you always want you user to land on your site. It is for this purpose ‘call to action’ tool becomes most important and motivates the user to follow what you want them to do or take any action.

Call to actions suggest feasible measures or steps that customer is prompted to take after they have gone through the content and it can also used as a tool to make reader or user subscribe your idea and make it popular to others. A call to action is a must with every blog or any type of content and you should always place your call to action at the end where it is most visible. Creating a call to action for your content or blog is fairly easy and here are the steps that you can follow to create a call to action –

• The first step that you need to follow when creating a call to action for your blog is to simply move to dashboard and select the content tab. From here, you can select the call to action toll from different options and now you can opt for the option of Create a CTA available on the right side of the bar.

• The second step that you need to follow is to name your CTA from the information tab. The name that you give is not the actual name that will reflect on the CTA rather it is just used internally to organize your different call to actions.

• Once you have given an internal name to your CTA now you simply are required to select the type of campaign which you want to run or make popular. You can in the information tab select the type of campaign from dropdown menu. You are required to click on the ‘add new’ button and this will create your campaign quite easily.

• Once the campaign has been created now you are required to put a link to your campaign to address it towards a specific content. You can either link your CTA to any address on the web or you can address it to any information on any page of your website. If you want your CTA to address towards web than you simply need to put the specific URL in the Link URL box below.

• After the link has been applied, the CTA is almost completed and is ready to be launched. Now you need to select the button type for your CTA. To simply create a button type you just need to click design tab and can select a custom or image button. Both button types have their relevance and you can design your own button type with custom whereas with image button you get the option of choosing a suitable image as button.

• After the button designs as well as customization has been finalized, the next step is to create CTA button text. The text that you create should follow best practices and use different types of edit and styles menu to give your text the feel of best and stylish font. The text should be multiline and you can use enter for it, you can also add symbols to your text and for this you can take help of HTML.

• Once everything has been finalized from CTA button to text now the last and final step is simply create the CTA. To simply create the Call to action you can click on Create CTA button and this will make your CTA go public. However before making the CTA public you should review it once thoroughly and should check for any sort of link or typos.

Call to action is fairly important and helps in number of ways to generate or increase traffic for your website. The best thing about CTA is that you can always create a new one within a short span of time and can every time motivate your users to indulge in different types of promotional activities. WE at SMTPCloud are quite aware of the importance of call to action and we make always make sure that we provide you best ideas when it comes to designing and creating a perfect call to action.

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