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How to Identify your SMTP server address to encompass a better email marketing strategy

Identify your SMTP server address to encompass a better email marketing strategy

SMTP servers are highly valuable and are required to facilitate the process of sending mails in bulk to other clients or servers. Simple Mail Transfer Protocols are responsible for taking care of whole process for delivery of emails. Sending an email via SMTP server requires you to define the address of your SMTP server and helps you follow the right guidelines and protocols. The address of the SMTP servers is in the format of or for that instance However, these domain names are not unified and we make sure that you choose a perfect address for your email server that is unique and reliable.

Finding the right address for your SMTP is crucial and you can choose from various domain names available within the SMTP parameter. Making sure that your SMTP address is listed you can simply contact your Internet Service provider. We as a hosting service agency make sure that your email server address is listed and we make sure that you are able to send bulk emails without facing any restriction on limit of mails you can send per day. In order to be able to send bulk emails we make sure that you select professional SMTP server and this gives you the facility of handling your email marketing with aplomb and perfection. Acquiring a unique and reliable Mail Server address for your email marketing is quite handy and allows you to send unlimited amount of messages ensuring highest deliverability.

How can you your SMTP Server Address-

SMTP servers are used to send emails from one email client to another email client or email server and come up with or It gets quite important to know the address of your IP SMTP server, knowing the address of Server SMTP helps you configure your program quite correctly.
If your are aware of the SMTP server then it gets quite easy to locate the address of your Internet Provider. Here, are few steps that you can follow to find the IP address of your SMTP server-

• In order to find the IP address of your SMTP server, you first need to go to the start menu and opt for run command. Now you can enter ‘cmd’ to make appear the execution window.
• Once the window appear, now in order to avail your IP address of your SMTP Server you need to simply type ‘ping’ in the box and along with the name of your server separated by a space. Now you need to press enter to know the status of your IP address.
• After the command has been given now the window will try to connect your SMTP server with the IP address and you get to see message on the screen stating your SMTP port and IP address of your SMTP.

Benefits of Identifying and availing a suitable SMTP address for your server –

Expedite delivery of mails – One of the most important issues at hand for any business organization is how to promote its services. Email marketing with the help of our servers help you provide an excellent facility to manage expedite delivery of mails. We make sure that we offer you an SMTP server that comes with a valid address and you face least hassles regarding any sort of spam or mishandling of the send messages.

Send messages in bulk – Digitization in recent few years have expanded quite significantly and proposals, considerations and confirmations are sent through emails only. To give you a perfect service we offer Best Email Server for email marketing and you can send bulk mails on daily basis and promote your business quite perfectly. The best aspect about our servers is since your email server address is genuine and unique, there is no hostility shown by other networks and you get a perfect delivery for your mails.

Best management for your emails – Identifying the IP address of your mail server helps you in many ways and makes you aware whether your domain name is suitable or not. We at SMTP servers are quite aware of the need to provide security and reliability and help you choose a perfect domain address for your server. We make sure that you get a Mail Secure Server and encompass your email marketing technique quite suitably and perfectly to avail best results. A proper mail server address helps you manage your emails quite brilliantly and helps you stay on top of your marketing activities while giving you best outputs and scope to grow.

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