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How to Send Bulk Email

How to Send Bulk Email.

Sending bulk emails is an email marketing strategy where products and services are promoted by sending advertisements or landing pages via email to a group of people. It has become an ever growing trillion dollar industry due to its simplicity of startup and operations.

Herein, we are going to share a few email marketing tips that’ll leverage your current online email marketing campaigns. If you don’t own an online business, then this article will inspire you to do so. We believe that you deserve to be in an industry where you get an average return of $44.25 for every $1 spent.
Important Things to Consider

It is obvious that one will consider sending emails in bulk only when one has got a product or a service that one needs to sell. Well, that might be the intention behind the sending of bulk emails, but it is never limited to that criterion itself. It’s a simple concept and yet it is elaborative.
Consider sending bulk emails only if you want all of the following criteria to be fulfilled in the operations of your successful online marketing business:

· You want customers from all over the world.
· You want to target a certain audience who are interested in the products belonging to your niche.
· You want to build a healthy merchant–consumer relationship.
· You want to publish a timely newsletter to educate your established and prospect customers about the new product launches and their benefits, and let your customers also know what the company’s ongoing plans are.
· You want to build loyalty and trust to encourage the repetition of both, customers and sales.
· You want to help other businesses by promoting them in your bulk emails while they promote you in theirs. A win-win situation.

Treat the aforementioned covered points as a checklist before starting your own bulk email marketing campaigns. Now, let us see what needs to be followed exactly to send bulk emails.

The Process of Sending Bulk emails.

Sending bulk emails is easier than baking an apple pie. All one needs is a newsletter designing software that has been built primarily to handle the designing and management of information in bulk emails marketing projects. Most of these newsletter software's include: pre-built professional templates, messages, groups, scheduler, auto-res ponder and tracking.

All one needs to do is to choose a template, write a message and attach the promotional links. Then, import contacts from all the email accounts’ lists into the newsletter software and connect the software to a preferred email account for sending the email out into a large audience around the globe.
For example, you’ve chosen your favorite Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail account to send the emails in bulk that were designed in the newsletter software. Now, the newsletter software connects to your email account and sends as many emails as the account can permit.

Most email service providers (ESP) that are commercial, permit from 100-500 emails per day with a limit of 10MB of size per email. Whether you’re a personal business or a corporation, 500 emails per day with just 10MB of data in each email is not going to promote your campaign lucratively. You need more, therefore the solution is to hire a dedicated ESP and a consumer database service, and reach for the stars.

When private emails disappoint with their limitations, ESP comes in as a savior. Dedicated ESPs have almost the same functions like that of a commercial email service, but it surely differs in volume and deliverability. With the help of a proper ESP, you will finally feel the benefits of ��leverage’ in business. Their bulk email services are designed to support your needs on a professional scale. You’ll never use your private email and a newsletter software for sending bulk emails again.

One such provider is SMTP Cloud Servers. Their professional expertise in the field is unparalleled. They offer Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Servers on a Shared Cloud, Virtual Cloud or Dedicated Cloud basis. They also provide Email Databases for businesses and consumers.

Shared Cloud allows 300 to 900 emails per hour with 7,200 to 21,600 emails as a daily limit. Virtual Cloud delivers 1,500 to 4,500 emails per hour with a limit of 36,000–108,000 emails per day, whereas Dedicated Cloud sends forth 15,000 to 45,000 emails per hour with 360,000–1,080,000 emails as a daily limit.

The Business Emails Database takes care of 40,000–49,000 emails differing from country to country. The Consumer Emails Database accounts for 83,000–64,000,000 emails again depending on the country.

Private Email Account vs. ESP

To compare the advantages and disadvantages of a private email service and a dedicated SMTP cloud service, we must consider two different practical scenarios.

In the first scenario, you use a newsletter software for designing and a private email account for sending bulk emails. You are able to send out somewhere from 100 to 500 emails per day depending on the platform being used, e.g. desktop or web interface.

In the second scenario, you hire Dedicated SMTP Cloud Servers and send your email marketing campaigns quickly to 48,000 consumers every hour totaling more than a million consumers a day. Back that up with a Consumer Emails Database.

Now, you can clearly see the importance of hiring dedicated SMTP Cloud Servers along with Consumer Emails Database service. was started keeping in mind small and medium companies who look forward to promoting their products on an ongoing basis. Its services are also helpful for advertising agencies who want to extend high graded email marketing services to their customers. Individuals would also profit as much as a company or an agency would.
There are various plans being offered. If you’re confused about which one to choose, then take note of your requirements like: mailing list size, message size, daily mail limits, HTML or Text mails; etc and then choose a plan that suits your requirements the best. feels proud in providing a world class customer service that can be contacted 24/7 through an email or live chat. Your purchase(s) at SMTP Cloud Servers is totally secured with Refund Policy, Anti-Spam Policy, Privacy Policy and Service Agreement.

Imagine a life where you’ll be able to just concentrate on your emails’ messages while the rest of the sales process will be automated. You can operate multiple online businesses by being busy with just the development of their respective contents and then earn huge returns by exploiting SMTP servers’ full potential to promote the offer to over millions every day.

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