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How to use SMTP relay service to keep spammers away?

How to use SMTP relay service to keep spammers away?

Email marketing in present times has become quite popular and is one of the best options for promoting the activities of business. Online promotion of business via email marketing requires you to send email in bulk and traditional email client servers are not compatible enough for this task. Third party servers like Microsoft Outlook and Gmail come up with various demerits and the primary of them is spam mails. To avoid this drawback, you can simply hire the services of an email server provider like and can get best SMTP relay server for your outgoing mail server.

The relay service provided by us to support bulk emailing is quite handy and helps you send emails through our private servers by bypassing ISP restrictions. When you are able to bypass ISP restrictions, you kind of get able to manage your SMTP server according to you and there lies least chances of your mails landing into spam category. Relay SMTP is quite advisable to opt for keeping the spammers away and here are some methods through which you can settle your task-

Don’t opt for an open relay service – SMTP relays are used to deliver an outgoing message from one email client to another server or vice versa. The biggest mistake that organizations make is to run an open relay. An open relay as the name suggests is an arrangement where the server receives mail from any source and will forward it without any check. This is quite a disturbing fact and spammers take advantage of this lag in your server and process spams in numbers.

Open relays are also responsible for backscatter and makes emails undeliverable which once was received by the relay. All these drawbacks are quite disturbing and you should not look to keep your relay service open. To make your SMTP relay server secure and safe you can configure it with port 25 and make it accept mails only from your domain.

Make sure to authenticate your user base – SMTP relay servers are quite handy and help your deliver outgoing mails quite effectively. However, email marketing is not limited to outgoing mails only and here you also require receiving mails from others servers and clients as responses. Mails consist of two types one is outbound and other inbound mail.

An inbound mail is targeted at your domain server whereas outbound mails arrive at servers and are ultimately send to other domain. Inbound mails need not be authenticated as they are sent by websites but an outbound mail needs to be authenticated as they need to be relayed.

It is at this time becomes highly important that you configure your SMTP relay server and put a restriction on domains that are out of your network. You can also use separate servers for inbound as well as outbound mails and this helps distinguish better which mails are to be relayed and which ones are need to authenticated.

Make sure your server rejects anything suspicious - Email marketing is quite an extensive task and when you hire our SMTP server, we make it sure that security is maintain at all levels. To make sure that you are saved from spams we recommend you to reject or put in blacklist any mail for which your IP does not show any reverse DNS.
Mail Relay server should be configured to reject every message for which there is no domain name in the sender and receiver box. Spammers can affect your email server in more than one way and you should always make sure that your server rejects any unresponsive connection as well as contact. Any suspicious activity should not be overlooked and server should be instructed to take prompt action on any unknown activity.

Other measures to keep spammers away-

• Spams can come in any form from any source and you should make sure that unidentified mails go through grey listing in the beginning. If the mail is not a spam then it will be tried to resend again and it can then be accepted.

• Email relay servers provided by SMTP servers are second to none in performance and you can to make the more compact use Sender Policy Framework service. This helps you decide the reliability of a hosts to send or deliver legitimate mail and you are better placed in terms of security in respect to spam mails. You can also configure your DNS and to make sure that SPF record is formed with an outgoing mail server.

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