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How you can configure an SMTP server in easy steps

An SMPT server is one of the most important requirements to carry out effectively an email marketing campaign. To make the perfect use of SMTP server it is important to setup an email client for your server and for this purpose it gets important to configure the SMTP server. Configuring your SMTP server is extremely important and it takes automatic control and manages effective delivery of your email messages. SMTP servers provided by us are quite reliable and setting it is quite hassle free and can be done in few easy steps. Setting up an email server is for email client can simply be done by opening up the email software and entering or adding up required parameters in the SMTP Settings box of the mail server.

Here’s how you can configure your SMTP servers with your email client and carry out an effective email marketing campaign-

In order to set up or configure a perfect server SMTP first of all it’s important to hire the service of a perfect professional SMTP service. You should opt for a long term deal with service provider and chose a plan according to your usage of email marketing campaign. Follow the given below steps to configure an SMTP server –

• The first step that you need to follow if you are using a Google email client is to select the account settings of the email client and here you are required to select the tools menu from the settings box. Google Mail Settings are pretty easy to access and can easily be found in the control panel of your mail message client.

• Once you have selected the Tools option, now your need to proceed further and look for the option where you can choose the server for your outgoing mails. You simply are required to select the Outgoing SMTP server for your email client within the Google SMTP Settings box. Here within the box you can enter the name of your server and also the domain name.

• After you have provided the name of SMTP Google Server now the next step that you need to perform is to simply click the add button to bring the server in cohesion with the email client. You now can provide a suitable user name as well password and connection security key in order to strengthen your Google SMTP Configuration and ensure better security with the server.

• The last step to complete the Google SMTP Server is quite simple and requires you to fill the void boxes that require some important information. Important information like description, server name and port is quite handy and without which Google Mail Service with SMTP stays incomplete and of least utility. In description you can fill an informal name to remember it effectively and best is to give the email providers name like hotmail or Gmail. In server name you can take our help to fill a suitable name whereas in port column you can simply opt for 587 which is a default port.

Along with basic information the SMTP Mail Server configuration requires you to provide additional information like connectivity security as well as the method of authentication. With connection security you can opt for either SSL/TLS extension that is handy and employs different encryption for your server.

Benefits of availing the services of

Email marketing is quite a tricky affair of activities and here you are required to manage sending of emails to a lot of potential consumers. However without the services of a perfect SMTP Host provider you simply cannot carry out an effective email marketing activity. We as an SMTP server provider take in consideration the importance of a robust server and help you at every step of configuration. Whether you are opting for a SMTP Google or any other mail client we make sure that our servers are perfectly compatible with each any type of mail client.

SMTP servers provided by us are perfectly safe and secure and we provide a lifetime plan for each of our package. Reliability and continued service promise is what we believe in and we make sure that no hassles are faced when sending bulk mails through our servers. We provide compact SMTP for Google Mail Server as well as help you connect with it through Google Apps SMTP. Simple, reliable and cost effective are few adjectives that define our servers and we provide best Google SMTP server cohesion for your email marketing campaign.

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