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How you can make sure as to which is better IMAP or POP

IMAP that refers to Internet Message Access Protocol and POP is referred to as Post Office Protocols are both used as email protocols. Both IMAP and POP are used to access emails from a remote server and helps read mail on local basis using an application that is based on third party. Outlook, Mac Eudora and Thunderbird are some suitable examples of a third party server client. POP is supposed as the original protocol and was developed before IMAP to download emails messages from a server and store them permanently in your computers. While on the other hand IMAP which was developed a two years later is different from POP and is only used to read mails from the server and is used to store mails on cloud.

Both types of protocols are quite popular and are used for different purposes, an IMAP port in recent times has become more popular than POP and gives the facility of synchronizing mail account into one within different devices. Here’s a look at some of the various differences between IMAP and POP that can help you better in making a perfect choice as which one to choose for your email marketing campaign.

Functions of POP and IMAP servers

POP which was developed before IMAP is used to store mails messages from servers does not often delete messages from the servers. As POP stores messages on local devices it does it gets difficult to use POP for different devices as every time you access your email account you get to see unread mails. This fact is quite disadvantageous as you simply fail recognize which mails you had deleted on other platform. POP mail accounts are found lacking on this front and the activity performed from one device is not reflected on other device in respect to your mails accounts.

On the hand, when you opt for an IMAP SMTP server from us you are in a better position and get the facility to synchronize your mail account on different devices quite suitably. IMAP ports since the arrival of different computing devices like mobiles, laptops and tablets have become quite popular and helps store a mail form remote server within the cloud itself. IMAP is quite compatible for mail accounts that are accessed by multiple devices and helps you give better advantage. IMAP allows users to archive their mails on any device they want and they can still maintain a backup on the remote server.

Disadvantages of POP in respect to IMAP

• POP ports are quite backdated and have not evolved with time. There is only handful of people that se POP protocol for their mail account. POP server which is exact opposite to an IMAP Server does not allow you the facility of synchronizing your mail accounts with respect to different devices.

• When you log into your email account with different devices you face a lot of hassles with POP and is completely unaware of which mails you deleted, read, stored or copied elsewhere with other devices.

• POP server is only suitable if you access your email account from one device repeatedly and does not give you the facility of looking into any folder or file that your had created on any other device while accessing your mail.

• In comparison to IMAP, POP is not flexible and does not provide the facility of juggling between different devices for one email account. Email marketing with the help of POP is not at all a suitable concept and makes you stay away from flexibility and agility in marketing campaigns.

How to know that you are using a POP server

• While we at only deal in IMAP Port No 587, there are still plenty of incumbents that are living with hassles of POP. The POP server could have been long ended but most people are not exactly aware on how they can switch to IMAP. It is therefore becomes quite important that first you make sure that which protocol type you are actually using. Here are few factors that may tell that you are using POP servers

• The first and primary factor that has long been reiterated is if you are creating a file or folder one of your devices and it is not visible with other device, then you certainly are configured with POP settings.

• Another factor that tells that you are using POP server is when your deleted mails from one device appear undeleted on other device. And similarly if you read mails from one device and it shows unread on another device then to you can make sure that you are using the traditional POP server instead of IMAP Google.

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