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Opt for email archiving via cloud for better efficiency and security in business

A simple and reliable email service is a must have for every business today. The typical email services that can only be accessed via the servers are becoming a thing of the past. More number of people is opting for cloud based email services and this provides you with the facility of accessing the email from at anywhere anytime. Email servers provided by us give best archiving solutions to your emails and we provide safe servers for a perfectly secure archiving. Cloud servers provided by us are fairly secure and provide you the facility of storing bulk emails without having to spend a significant amount for the service. Here are some of the most suitable advantages that you can avail when you opt for cloud backup for your emails with

• Backing up your e-mails via servers is quite expensive as well as complex. The servers need to be updated frequently and this involves a lot of operational cost. But when you move to cloud email with us, you can enjoy ample benefits with your email back up. The most important of them all is cheaper as well easy to handle pricing and intact security and safety for your mails.

• We at are quite aware that servers can crash at anytime. This may prove quite harmful and you may end up losing all your important data, emails and files within a fraction of second. All these risks are mitigated when you shift to cloud email facility with us. With cloud email we make sure that every data is recovered quite easily. You just need to sign in to your network and you can easily access all your files in one go.

• Cloud computing is slowly becoming the norm in business world and cloud gives you the availability of resourced as and when you demand. Similar is the service that you can avail at We provide for unlimited backup facility for your email and you can recover or access emails from the cloud at any time, place with any device with the help of internet.

• Cloud back up for emails is quite beneficial in comparison to servers and here you get several advantages that can never be experienced with servers. When you hire the service of email cloud via us you get complete professionalization for emails and each employee can access their own archive provided they are allowed to do so.

• Cloud email archiving is a new tool in the market and the success of this service depends a lot on the type of service quality provided by your web host provider. It is in this regard we make sure that cloud hosting services provided by us are assured and ensure better scheduling. We provide you with security from hardware failures and make sure that no outer threat is faced to the cloud.

General benefits of cloud based email –

Minimized operational cost – Cloud based email is getting popular because of its economic as well as professional value. Cloud based email in comparison to email server are quite handy and does not require upgrading or any sort of installation or patching. Cloud stays free from any sort of up gradation and you do not require incurring heavy spending on maintenance and security.

Quick searching options – Emails are quite important and archiving them with a suitable mechanism is more than handy. When you hire cloud services for your professional mails you get the facility of searching down the mails from the archive quite easily and effectively within no time. Mail retrieval is faster with cloud email than server based back up for emails.

Easily accessible and shareable – Large multinationals or business organizations with a single server find it tough to make the email system accessible to every employee. But with a cloud based virtual server there is the advantage of sharing the cloud with reliable employees without having to compromise on security and lack of accessibility. Cloud servers can simply be signed in and access can be gained by anyone even without having a sound knowledge about computers and networks.

Bottom-line - The world of digital is progressing at a rapid pace and competition is at its peak. Email archiving is the most important aspect of daily operations and organizations need to be agile and precise than ever before for a perfect and reliable archiving. Servers are slowly losing the sheen and cloud based backup is getting more prominence. Businesses should be aware of this paradigm shift and should look to make best use of the changing trends.

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