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Opt for VPN and Dedicated servers

Opt for VPN and Dedicated servers for a better and reliable website performance

Business in today’s time is mainly concentrated over the web and there exists the need to get a hosting service for your website as well as web applications. Website hosting is highly essential for website’s performance. The most popular form of hosting is shared hosting where a single server is held by various websites. Shared server hosting is popular form of hosting but for a company that needs security and reliability with their website shared hosting may prove a little bit risky.

To avoid the risks and lack of reliability, a business owner can simply opt for dedicated servers for their website. We at are fully capable of providing a perfect dedicated server to your website and we also provide cloud servers to small businesses as well as individuals. A business website has to be regulated quite effectively and for this purpose we also provide virtual private servers that help you to manage your own resources with dedicated space for each account.

Helps your website stay safe and secure

Shared server hosting is the norm in server hosting but it comes with its set of issues like lack of security and privacy. But when you chose the services of dedicated server hosting in India with us, you get full control of your website and accessibility gets quite faster as well as reliable. We at provide with ample space for your website and help you manage your resources quite effectively.

Dedicated servers are faster and easy to handle in comparison to shared servers and with us you do need to worry at all about other websites slowing the speed of your server. We make sure that your website receives maximum bandwidth and we help you decide the applications and programs that can be run on server for a better security and performance.

Tailor-made plans for VPS hosting

Managing a VPS server can prove quite an arduous task if you are not allocated a proper server space. We at provide 4GB, 6GB as well as 8 GB plans on economical rates and provide you with an opportunity of availing resources that is not shared by anyone except you.

VPS Servers allocated by us are quite flexible and we also provide our customers the facility of upgrading their VPS account in case they need to upgrade their site performance or online reach. With us you get the facility of a better security and reliability for your website and site security is maintained quite effectively and you also get protection from malicious websites and spammers.

The facility of customization

Dedicated servers have come to be realized as the most suitable form of web hosting platform and provide you with ample space for your website. We at we provide you with the facility of choosing customizable dedicated servers. With our dedicated servers you can configure your own servers via the software platform. With dedicated servers that are provided by us you can also avail dedicated IP address and therefore eliminating the disadvantage of sharing a similar IP address with other users belonging to same domain.

Here are some of the benefits that you can avail from when hiring the services of VPN and dedicated servers

• Undoubtedly shared server hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting but certainly dedicating hosting is more secure and reliable. Along with dedicated servers we also provide VPN hosting in India and gives you the facility of assigning the application to server and manage security measures that is required by a specific program.

• Along with security and reliability we provide you with control panel for your servers that help you manage the website quite effectively. With control panel you can manage the website quite effectively and also access features to handle difficulties and bugs with the site.

• A virtual network as well as dedicated servers provided by us proves quite extraordinarily advantageous for your business as you can constantly upgrade the server without having to shift to another server. The web space provided by us is free from technical glitches and in case you face any technical issues you can opt for round the clock technical assistance provided by us to overcome issues with VPN as well as dedicated servers.

With ever increasing web traffic and access of online websites, the need to opt for dedicated and virtual servers has become much more important than before. Dedicated servers are more feasible, reliable and secure than shared ones and provide much more bandwidth and web space that proves quite flexible and helps you achieve superior performances with your website.

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