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Shared IP address or a dedicate IP address, which one to choose

An IP or internet protocol address is entirely different from the domain name of the site or the URL of the website. IP address in particular is a sequence of numeric digits that is assigned to almost every internet accessing device. The domain name of the site serves as the address of the website on the internet where as internet provider address is a unique set of identifying label that allows internet to find your website and the device which you are using to access the website.

Meaning of shared IP and dedicated IP

IP address is basically of two types, one is shared IP address and other is dedicated IP address. A shared hosting of ID address for your domain name is one where various websites are hosted on a single IP address. Every site on the server shares a single IP and there is simply lack of personalization.
On the other hand a dedicated hosting is simply opposite of shared hosting and here you are given a special IP for your website with the server hosting service. This means that your site is the lone owner of a particular IP address and you do not share your web address with anyone. In dedicated server the reputation of your IP does not get affected by the activities of other websites and you enjoy more security and freedom with dedicated IP’s.

Suitability of dedicated IP in respect to shared IP

An IP address in simple words is a group of some unique digits that is assigned to your device to recognize it on the internet. A shared IP where hundreds of devices on one server are given the same IP address simply lacks the facility of personalization. IP of Website which is shared by hundreds of other websites can affect your reputation. If any country or organization restricts the IP address of one website, it simply would mean that you are also restricted in that country. This proves quite disturbing and impacts the performance of your site and harms your reputation.

Dedicated IP address hosting provided by SMTP server is quite beneficial and here you are only responsible for the activities of your website not of others. Your site IP stays protected and stays completely in your control. With your dedicated IP address you can with the help of SMTP cloud servers serve different sites with the IP address and can have control on its uses. The Website IP Address for dedicated is completely safe and reliable and helps you maintain a perfect performance for your site.

Purpose of dedicated IP address

• A dedicated IP site is needed when you want to look for your website with the help of IP address.

• Dedicated IP address is required to access any website through FTP that is File Transfer Protocol on frequent intervals.

• Site security and safety is handy for websites of large organization and at this time it gets important to opt for a SSL certificate for your site, a dedicated IP is perfect for such purpose.

• Big websites that require manage large amount of traffic can simply opt for dedicated IP’s to maintain the site performance.

Benefits of opting for Dedicated IP for a website

Helps you quickly locate your website on the web- There are many a times when your want to locate your website on the web with the help of IP address and dedicated IP for your website exactly lets you do that. A Host IP or dedicate one lets you access the server directly without changing the name of your domain or DNS settings.

Beneficial for the reputation of the company - Having dedicated IP for your domain name and website is quite suitable than shared IP as it creates a good image among servers of other companies. You do not face unpredictable difficulties and there would not exist any other website with a same IP address as that of yours. The mail recipient of your email marketing would be able to get aware of IP to Domain name of your website and a transparency would be maintained.
Helps develop identity for business – A shared IP address is a viable platform for small website but if you are going to host a big website like online store then dedicated IP is a must. Dedicated IP’s help you get third party certificates and help you create your own Virtual IP Address to make for settling in the payments. Similar to Google IP, dedicated IP’s that are availed from are quite handy and help your build brand identity.

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