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Each domain name that is a home to a site has an IP deliver allocated to it. An IP address is the genuine address of a site. Domain names were created in light of the fact that it is hard to recall long IP numbers like


A shared IP is an IP address that is used for numerous websites. A shared IP can host all websites on a webserver. Since the IP address of a site is used for different websites on the server the activities of one site admin can influence everybody on the server. For instance, if an IP address is blacklisted for spamming this will blacklist mail for all websites using the shared IP address.

Many site administrators can host their site on a shared IP while never being influenced by another owner on the server. In the event that mail is important to you we suggest using a mail hosting provider that can give a powerful mail server, for example, Google Apps. This will likewise help you on the grounds that if the shared IP address gets to be blacklists your email won't be influenced in light of the fact that your mail will be hosted somewhere else. Google Apps can offer more mail stockpiling and preferable spam and garbage separating over the service that is accessible with your web hosting account.

Shared IP Address Advantages:

• Low-volume mailers can set up a reputation and history with Mailbox Providers
Regular mailers don't have to warm up dedicated IP addresses each year

• Cheap and Inexpensive
As with purchasing any type of item or service, it comes down to what you have to maintain your business. Shared IP locations would likely suit regular mailers and low-volume senders the best.


A dedicated IP address is a typical proposal since it gives you a chance to take control of your email deliverability. Tools like ‘Return Path's Reputation Monitor’, Microsoft's SNDS or AOL's IP Reputation instrument measure around spam traps, obscure clients, and can help in surveying the achievement of the IP general. Notwithstanding, those numbers and grades don't say anything in regards to the accomplishment of your particular email program in the event that you are on a shared IP address. Return Path Certification is another approach to engage the deliverability of your email program, and is an advantage not offered to shared IP addresses.

The best counsel is to use a dedicated IP address when at all conceivable. This will permit you to gauge and translate any reputation issues all the more viably using Return Path's items and services. Realizing what is happening with the reputation of your IP address is basic. In case you're in a shared address, and dedicated IP locations aren't a possibility for you yet, solicit your ESP what type of customers are sharing your IP addresses, and what the reviewing procedure is for when new customers and email records are included. Alternate senders from the shared IP will influence your inbox deliverance regardless, and on a shared IP address you're just comparable to the weakest sender.

What is a dedicated IP?
A dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) is a one of a kind Internet address dedicated only to a solitary hosting account. This is as opposed to the ordinary setup of a few hosting accounts living on a solitary server and sharing its IP address.

What Is A Dedicated IP And What Does It Actually Do?
To genuinely comprehend dedicated IPs, we have to see how IP addresses function.
IP addresses course web activity to the correct place, much like a postal division or post code. Like postal codes, distinctive individuals can have a similar IP.

If you have a shared hosting account, you likely share your website IP with many other individuals. At times, you may share with several different destinations. Sharing is not an issue. The host has programming to translate demands for various websites on a similar IP, guaranteeing that it can serve the right data to every individual, and it takes milliseconds.

A dedicated IP address is solely yours. You may serve distinctive websites from that IP address, however you're at last in control of who's using it.

At What Point Do I Need a Dedicated IP Address?
To the extent hosting goes, you'll see at least 4 reasons why a dedicated IP will either be useful or important to the progress of your website.

• You have to keep up a safe site by means of SSL certificate.
• Your site is has high volume of traffic and require dedicated assets to manage it.
• You have to access to your website through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) all the time.
• You have to access your website through IP address.

A significant number of these reasons would likewise show that it is a decent time to redesign your hosting platform from shared to dedicated, too! You can have shared IPs on a dedicated server if you host numerous destinations on one server, and you can have dedicated IPs indicating websites on a shared hosting server (if an online store uses shared hosting and SSL, it likely has a dedicated IP).

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