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Shared Server vs Dedicated Server

Shared Server vs Dedicated Server

Hosting plans vary just as the needs of different clients and their respective sites vary. SMTP Cloud Servers has always made it a point to see what clients need, and what they can afford. Based on this, we have always offered several options, and tried to tailor make the service as much as possible. This is of utmost importance when it comes to ensuring client satisfaction.

As a result our company offers Shared Server Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Server Hosting. The main differences lie between the shared server hosting and the dedicated hosting. First of all there is a considerable difference in the prices. The reason is that dedicated hosting is ultimately the best, or the epitome of web hosting server options. Even though dedicated hosting is what any client might wish for, it may not be cost effective for a small website to opt for this option. In such cases we like to recommend the diverse alternatives to our clients, based on what they really require and on how much they can afford.

What we can guarantee is that whatever web hosting server you decide to choose, you will be given a reliable service from SMTP Cloud Servers. When it comes to choosing an option, we have classified the Shared Cloud SMTP, and Dedicated Cloud SMTP into three additional options respectively.

The Shared Cloud SMTP is sub divided into Shared Entry, Shared Pro and Shared Business. Shared Entry is the most basic of all. At just $49.99 per month, Shared Entry offers a speed of 300 emails per hour, with daily limits of 7200 emails. If you would like to improve on this, there is then the Shared Pro. At $89.99 monthly, you can get twice as many emails delivered per hour, and daily limits go up to 14,400. The last option, which is the best one of the two, is the Shared Business, whereby at just $119.99 monthly you can get 900 emails per hour and a daily limit of 21,600 emails. All in all the choice will depend on how much one wishes to spend, and on the specific requirements a business forecasts to have.

It is important to point out that with a shared hosting package there are going to be other sites hosted on the same server, and not just your website. Even though there are not going to be any security issues, it is important to be aware of this fact. This is because inevitably, the amount of disk space and bandwidth one would get with a shared server, is going to be limited, simply because there are others sharing that same server. However, we can recommend whether this can work out well for your site or not, as it will depend on the type of site you have and the traffic that you expect to be getting on it. Obviously if costs are a main factor for the client, shared hosting is the most affordable option because clearly, the server resources are going to be shared between several users, and so the operating costs are also going to be divided among different users, thus the cheaper price of a such server hosting. We will also be taking care of tasks relating to maintenance and security as your shared hosting provider, and we will also be offering server security. With a shared hosting plan the level of control is lower than with a dedicated server. However, you will still benefit from a good server performance as that is something that we guarantee.

In case your server and site needs are more pronounced, and costs are not a problem, the best option would be dedicated hosting. Our company offers the best dedicated server hosting at competitive prices. In fact, this is one of the cheapest dedicated server hosting options you will be able to find for sure.

For instance, the Dedicated 15 Shot option comes with a speed of 15000 emails per hour, and a daily limit of 360,000 emails. This is at $999.99 monthly. Then there is the Dedicated 30 Shot which comes with twice as much emails per hour and daily limits, but at a price of $1,799.99 per month. Then there is the most advanced option. This is the Dedicated 45 Shot which has a capability of 45,000 emails per hour and daily limits of 1,080,000. The price for this dedicated server hosting is #2,599.99 monthly. With the last option the cost per email is a mere $0.00008 cents. So as you may see we are indeed offering cheap dedicated server hosting for your business. The level of control with such dedicated plans are top notch and you will be able to benefit from improved flexibility and great security, since ultimately it is just your website that is being hosted on this server. It is completely dedicated to your site and so the amount of disk space and the bandwidth cannot get any better.

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