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SMTP Relay Services

Hire the services of SMTP relay services for avoiding listing of spam mails

Mail relay service is nothing but the process wherein one mail is transferred from one server to another to complete its delivering process. Mail relay is quite simple term and here the server of your company connects the server of another company to facilitate smooth passage for the travel of mail. Mail relaying is only possible within two servers and if your send mail to one person located on the same server then it is not called relaying.

Understanding the SMTP Relay service

Hiring a SMTP relay service is quite important and helps you route your emails through a trusted third party and helps deliver the mail of your company. When you hire the service of sending SMTP mail with the help of you get the facility of sending large amount of emails as well as transnational mails.

There are many times when ISP’s put a limit to the number of SMTP relays that a company can use on daily basis and excess sending of mails in considered as spam. Business always requires sending large amount of emails via peer to peer server and for this purpose enterprise level SMTP server is required. When you hire our services we provide you with SMTP relay facility and help you send large amount of emails without mails being labeled as spam.

Benefits of opting for SMTP relay service –

Sending emails on ordinary basis from within the same network is quite hassle free and does not create any sort of problem. But when you are faced with the task of email marketing or sending newsletter in form of bulk server, the peer to peer server fails miserably and emails get listed as spam. Having a webpage or app also requires you send verification or activation mails, and when these mails are listed as spam, you surely face tough situation. To avoid all such drawbacks, you simply need to hire the service of SMTP Mail Server from us for simply sending bulk emails under SMTP relay service.

Here are some of the benefits that you can avail with SMTP relays services form us –

• We provide a variety of hosting and relay services and we make sure that your transnational mails are send suitably with reliability. We use of the best and most reliable delivery infrastructure provide you with measurable, reliable and scalable service. We make sure that outgoing mails are delivered even if the IP of the company has been put to spam or been compromised with.

• SMTP service offered by us in respect to SMTP relays is quite flexible and helps you provide a complete message delivery platform. We offer you with email management services and help you assign a dedicated server to you for a highly specific and reliable email delivery for your email marketing.

• The SMTP relay provided by us is quite handy and you get the opportunity to avail reporting tools and as well as real time analytics system. Both these facilities are quite handy and help you know the status of send mails and help you gauge the exact status as to whether the mail has been received.

• An SMTP relay service with the help of Outgoing Server SMTP provided by us is quite handy and can be integrated with different digital frameworks. The relay service provided by us also lets you avail with the facility of availing various code samples as well as library templates. All these facilities are quite handy and makes your mails look more attractive and highly satisfying.

SMTP relay servers are quite handier and helps you have a expedite delivery of your mails between two servers. An outgoing mail server is highly suitable for email marketing activities like newsletters and gives you the facility of avoiding the tag of spam with your emails. Selecting an SMTP relay service package and for such purpose you can look to follow certain tips-

• The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should evaluate your email marketing campaign and opt for a service that suits best to your needs. The important thing is that you should not get shortage of emails and sending in bulk should not be a hassle at all.

• Another most important feature that you should look in your relay package that it is flexible and can be scaled up or down according to your need. The important thing is that you should not compromise on scalability and in case your business is expanding the package should be able to meet the required demand for the emails.

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