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SMTP Server for Newsletters

SMTP Server for Newsletters and possible benefits to business organizations.

Emails play a crucial role in adverting and promotion of business. A company or organization whose email list is smaller can simply opt for the SMTP server provided by its Internet Service provider to send newsletters via email. But for those companies that deal with large number of users or customers, a simple ISP SMTP server cannot fulfill the task of sending substantial amount of mails. At this time you need the services of professional agency that could provide SMTP servers for sending newsletters in large volume to customers. is a cost effective and highly professional e-mail sending service provider and caters to businesses, professionals and developers.

Sending emails in bulk is a requirement in every organization and here’s why you would like to avail our services.

• Sending emails in bulk requires you to have a SMTP Server of your own and in case you do not have one then you can simply hire our services for sending bulk emails easily and effortlessly.

• There are many organizations that utilize their ISP server for sending newsletters via email. But as the company progresses the requirement to send large amount of emails is restricted by your IP. At this time you can hire our SMTP servers and for bulk emailing and maintain efficiency in business promotion.

• There are high chances that your email service provider may be charging quite an exorbitant price for bulk emailing. It is at this time becomes important that you look to maintain economy and avail our service of bulk emailing at quite a cheaper rate.

Services provided by for email newsletters

Campaign creation – Newsletters contain information on one particular subject and at times it tends to get repetitive and monotonous. We at understand this concept very well and make sure that your newsletters are creative and informative. With techniques like social sharing, image hosting and HTML editing we provide creativity to newsletters and make the more readable as well as interesting.

Management of contacts - We at SMTP servers are quite aware that large organization requires sending emails in bulk to innumerable number of clients as well as potential customers. Along with a mail server for sending bulk mails we also provide the service of contact management. There always lie problem in segregating contacts of clients as well as potential customers and we with our search and segment service make sure that such problems are avoided. We also provide the facility of importing custom contact files as well as fields and make sure that newsletters are delivered to concerned person only.

Campaign Tracking – Business newsletters prove quite rewarding and help in promotion and advertising of business quite effectively. But there are times when you are not able to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign and its gets quite difficult to plan further strategy. It is at this time we come to your help and with our email server facility we also provide to you the service of campaign tracking for ascertaining the results of the campaign and formulating further strategies.

The benefits of sending email newsletters with

• Emails or newsletters serve your purpose only when they are opened and read by the targeted audience. We at make use of tools that tracks and analyze the performance of your mails and though detailed metrics, help you get aware of information mails, clicks and unsubscriptions.

• Emails and newsletters are highly favorable for business promotion and you require sending bulk emails for suitable promotions. We provide email services for newsletters where we offer you the facility of loop analysis where you get notification in case someone has put your mail under spam.

• With dedicated IP servers we also provide you with the benefit of more than one domain for your account to provide you with better email and newsletter facilitation. We provide you with round the clock service and make sure that your inbox is cleared of all the junk mails and does not entertain any blocked IPs.

• Newsletters are absolutely handy for business promotion and require to be sending repeatedly in bulk amounts. Therefore email server should be such that provides you with substantial amount of emails on monthly basis. We understand this requirement very well and provide an email server package that do not include any hidden cost and also provides you to thousands of mails without charge on monthly basis. All these facilities and services prove quite rewarding and help your business in innumerable ways.

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