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SMTP Service for CMS based site and advantages

Content Management Systems is a sort of computer application where you can get support to create, edit, delete and post digital content. A CMS based site therefore is one where you get the facility of creating, editing and manipulating the content repeated times for an effective content management. Format management, indexing along with retrieval and search are some of the features that CMS based sites provide to its users. A content based website basically needs popularity along with better SEO ranking in order to survive and progress. It is for this purpose, it become quite obligatory to promote the site within the web by increasing the traffic on the.

Email marketing is one the best tools for such purpose. To carry an effective email marketing campaign you require to send mails in bulk and a PHP mailer is simply not capable providing such facility. To make your email marketing campaign a hit you simple need private SMTP servers that you can link your website. With private SMTP server provided by SMTP cloud servers you can carry out an effective marketing campaign for your site without any limitation on the number of mails for daily basis.

Here are some benefits regarding the use of SMTP servers for CMS based sites –

Compatible for WordPress based sites – SMTP servers are quite compatible for the most popular content management systems WordPress. Maximum number of websites on the web is based on WordPress and our SMTP servers are highly compatible for email marketing campaign. An outgoing mail server with us proves quite compatible and helps you send mails in bulk. With SMTP service for CMS based site you can send push notification message, subscription as well as feedbacks for your WP Mail in bulk without facing any barrier related to limitation on number of mails.

SMTP servers help mitigate spams – One of the most common issues that affect the performance of your email marketing campaign are spams. Spammers are always in lookout of loopholes that let them transfer spams to your site for outflow to other domains. But when you take the help of SMTP Mail for your email marketing you stand in a better position with security and safety of your site. SMTP server based email campaigns are high on security and you can add WP plugins to encrypt your emails to avoid spams. The PHP SMTP Settings allow you refine your outbound mails form inbound ones and helps you reply or forward only those mails that are legitimate and reliable.

Helps you add as many recipients you want – A CMS site always needs to make responses as well as inform users about new contents. It is at this time SMTP server services provided by us helps you considerably as you get the facility of sending one mail to as many recipients as your want. WP SMTP server is quite handy and can be accessed by anyone to send mails and newsletters. The best thing about SMTP servers that there is no restriction involved on any sort of service and you get full assurance of regarding better return on investments. A PHP mailer unlike private server are not compatible to send bulk mails to unlimited recipients and you face drawback in carrying out an effective and efficient marketing campaign.

Reduced costs of email marketing campaign - Carrying out a email marketing campaign with the help of PHP mailer or a third party mail server leads to unwavering expenses irrespective of uses of email service. Third party servers are not at all flexible and you are charged a fixed amount that leads to an expensive marketing campaign. A PHP mailer SMTP also comes with same set of demerits and flexibility is often compromised. It is at this time SMTP servers provided by SMTP cloud servers come to your rescue and helps you achieve a budget controlled email marketing campaign. SMTP servers provided by us are quite handy and provide the website with the facility of taking out an effective campaign without worrying for cost and expenses of the campaign.

Benefits of hiring the services of

• Helps you facilitate sending of mails in bulk for an effective marketing campaign
• You can with the help of SMTP cloud server get the best and safety and security for your websites and email marketing campaign.
• We make sure that your marketing campaign is effective and efficient and provide cost-effective service.
• Reliable and prompt support along with best customer experience to facilitate best email marketing campaign

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