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The Limits of Gmail’s SMTP server

Email marketing is one of the most potent and reliable tools for marketing of business activities among potential customers. Businesses in present time rely heavily on email marketing and this form of digital promotion gives best ROI. Email marketing requires you to send emails in bulk and for such purpose you face the need of an email server client for your email marketing campaign. Choosing a right server platform is the need for carrying out an effective mail marketing campaign.

Private servers with a reliable agency like SMTP cloud servers is always an exciting prospect that helps you carry out your email marketing campaign quite effectively and efficiently. However, there are a number of organizations that ignore the relevance of private servers and opt for webmail servers like Gmail for their email marketing campaign. A Gmail SMTP server is without a shadow of doubt is quite reliable server but simply lacks the capabilities that a bulk email marketing campaign requires. With low ROI and flexibility, Gmail cannot be used for huge campaigns and server cannot handle sending and receiving of mails in bulk. Here’s a look at some of the most unsuitable points related to Gmail Server for email marketing campaign-

Limit on number of recipients per message - Email marketing is one concept where there exists the need to send emails in bulk to significant amount of people in one go. With email marketing the responses are measured quite quickly. Opting for Gmail client software as an SMTP server for your outgoing mails proves quite digressing and you are able to provide little help to your email marketing campaign.

An SMTP Gmail server puts the limit on number of recipients you can add to one message and you simply are avoided with the facility of sending emails in bulk. The Gmail server allows for a maximum of 500 recipients per message which is way below the number which we provide and this surely proves quite disadvantageous.
Closing of account on marketing blast –

There are many of you who are acquiring the services of Gmail servers and face issues in respect to sending bulk emails or newsletters. However, at times the limit gets exceeded and your organization ends up sending access emails then what is permitted. At this time, Gmail SMTP Settings raise an alarm with the security team and your account gets blocked for a period of 24 hours. You are served with a notice and it gets quite demotivating for you to continue with the email server client. You are required to keep a count on emails send on daily basis and this proves quite a monotonous exercise which leads to loss of satisfaction. The activity of marketing blasts is surely not compatible with Google SMTP server and there is almost negligible ROI with platform.

Google also keeps track of undeliverable messages-

Email marketing is quite a huge process and here you are required to send emails to a large number of people. However, at times there could be a few names in the recipient list whose accounts may have become old or deactivated and they may not receive your message. There could also be some other factors like spam or unsubscriptions which may lead to messages not getting delivered.

This aspect in itself is quite disturbing and SMTP Google makes it worse by keeping a track of undelivered messages. If the number of undelivered mails gets higher, SMTP Google Server without any intimation will block your account and may also warn you for future. This drawback is highly disturbing and makes Gmail quite an unsuitable option for an email marketing campaign.

Lack of branding as an email server-

SMTP for Gmail may be a suitable option for carrying out small marketing campaign where there exists only a limited amount of client. But when you send you emails via Gmail, the SMTP client server provider hides it brand from header with the help of coding. This fact is quite misleading and does not make you customer feel proud of you.

We at understand the value of branding and make sure that your clients get to know about our name within your emails. SMTP Gmail client server is comes with lot of unsuitable points and this one is ranked on the top of all. Although Google is one the heaviest server, the Gmail SMTP Port does not fit compatible with port 587 and you face issue with settings as well as proper delivery of your messages.

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