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Gmail has certain email sending limits set up and you are just permitted to send a limited number of email messages every day. If you surpass the day by day share, Google may incidentally disable your Gmail account with no notices and you may need to sit tight for up to 24 hours before you can recover access to your Gmail mailbox. Sending your email newsletters through Gmail ought to be simple. Google's free email service can work as your SMTP client. It takes a few moments after which you ought to be able to send your newsletters and marketing emails to your list without any difficulty with which you keep in touch with subscribers.

Be that as it may, don't attempt it since it won't work. More awful, it may really bring about Google shutting your Gmail account 24 hours each time you do send a promotional email.

That is on account of the fact that Google places a wide range of limits on the usage of its SMTP service by advertisers. Those limits start with a confinement on the quantity of recipients who can get a similar message. In the event that Gmail's SMTP server distinguishes that your message is going to more than 500 individuals, it disables your account.

Limits of Gmail Email Service
So Gmail ought to at present work for new campaigns of under 500 subscribers, or in case you're portioning your lists into fractions of close to 500 — or if you need to test a headline or template by sending two unique messages to less than 500 subscribers each to see which message yields the best returns.

Unfortunately, that is still no. Google likewise disables accounts which sends "a substantial number" of undeliverable messages. Regardless of the possibility that you just have a list of 500 subscribers, despite everything, you run the hazard that Google will lock you out for a day if it finds that a lot of existing users didn't get your message.

In any case, in the event that you have an email list that is close to 500 subscribers in length and made up of locations you know are exact, without a doubt then you can use Gmail's SMTP server to send your advertising messages.

Gmail isn't intended for sending mass email. If you are wanting to send an email message to a vast gathering of correspondents using Gmail, do read the following guidelines to prevent Gmail from locking your Gmail account temporarily:

Limit 1: You can send emails to a maximum of 500 recipients every day through Gmail. If you are a Google Apps for Work client, your every day limit is 10000 email recipients for each day. In the event that the limit is surpassed, Gmail account may get incidentally disabled with the error report – "Gmail Lockdown in Section 4." It is vital to note that this limit is around recipients and not messages. Subsequently you can send 10 emails with 50 recipients, each or 1 email can be tended to a maximum of 500 users.

Limit 2: If you get to Gmail through POP or IMAP clients, like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, you can send an email message to a maximum of 100 individuals at once. This additionally incorporates email sent through or servers. In the event that you surpass the limit, your account might be disabled for a day with the error report – "550 5.4.5 Daily sending quota exceeded."

Limit 3: Always double-check email addresses of recipients before hitting the Send button. Google will briefly disable your account if you send messages to more than 500 recipients or in the event that you send an extensive number of undeliverable messages. This frequently happens when individuals use mailing accounts that contain non-existent or deleted email addresses.

Limit 4: You can associate different email addresses, including non-Gmail addresses, with your Gmail account and send emails for any of these addresses. In any case, when sending mail from an alternate address, the first account's message limits are connected.

Limit 5: If you are sending emails through Google Script, as on account of Gmail Mail Merge, the everyday sending limit is 100 recipients for each day for free Gmail accounts. The limit is 1500 every day for paid Google Apps for Work accounts.

Limit 6: If you designed email clients to check your Gmail all the while – perhaps you have a few phones and PCs – Gmail may in some cases lock your account.

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