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Use SMTP to send email from WordPress

How to use SMTP to send email from WordPress with ease and suitability

Managing a website’s content via WordPress has become a norm for almost every website. WordPress is highly suitable and helps you establish a better User Interface for your website. Sending mails from your website via WordPress can be quite a tricky task and in this purpose SMTP servers can play a pivotal role. SMTP servers are lot more reliable than ordinary mail servers for WordPress and we at provide you the right opportunity to send mails in bulk quite effectively.

There are many times when your standard PHP mailer SMTP service might not function properly and faces problem in sending and receiving mails. At this time we make sure that your website that is based on WordPress keeps intact its mailing services and for this purpose we provide best SMTP server support for proper mail services. Using your SMTP servers to send emails via WordPress can be made a hassle free process and here’s how you can use SMTP to send email from WordPress-

• The first thing that you need to do in order to use SMTP servers is to install a WordPress SMTP plug-in with your WordPress. Before installation you should make sure that the Plug-ins are equipped to handle new protocols for Google SMTP Server. After you have installed the plug-ins now you need to simply activate it from the settings menu to proceed further with the process of sending mails via SMTP server.

• Once you have initiated or activated the plugins now you simply need to enter the name and email address of the site from which you want to send mails. You should provide a valid name as that will be visible to the mail recipient. After this you can set the SMTP authentication settings to yes for better access of mails by the service provider.

• After you have entered the website name and email address, now you need to the host name in the host name column that will act as your outgoing mail server. For example you can use SMTP Google Mail host and enter your email address

• Once you have provided the host server name it gets important that you decide about the level of encryption and you can select between SSL and TLS. With encryption it gets important highly important to describe about the type of SMTP port you want to use for sending WordPress Mail. Defining your port is extremely important and you need to choose port 587 that specifically exists and is used for outgoing mails.

• Once all the regulations have been complied with now you simply need specify a username that you will use at the time of login. You can also set a password for accessing or mail server on WordPress. Our SMTP hosting server is quite compatible and helps your website in WordPress Send Email service quite suitably and perfectly.

Benefits of using SMTP servers for sending emails via WordPress

Sending emails from a WordPress while using PHP mailer at times proves quite hassling and you face difficulties in sending and receiving. The issues of spams and security are also faced quite regularly. All these issues can be sorted out when you take help of our SMTP servers for facilitating emails for your WordPress site – Here are handy points in favor or SMTP server for WordPress –

• When you take help of SMTP servers for sending mails via WordPress with the help of popular of mail service like SMTP Google you are less likely to face issue with spam mails or any sort of security threat.

• With the help of our SMTP server you are full assured of expedite and reliable delivery for your mails. The WP SMTP server provided by us takes full responsibility for delivering your mail to the specified recipient and it makes sure that mails are not lost in midway or face any sort of resistance.

• WordPress SMTP mail servers are a perfect alternative to PHP mailer and here you get the facility of using your preferred mailer service. You can opt for yahoo, Gmail or any mail service and can also opt for a desirable domain name for you server.

• The SMTP server plug-ins is quite handy and helps you make sure that you can setup Easy SMTP for your WordPress. Mail deliverability is quite reliable and you kind of get best SMTP Mail server facility for your website managed via WordPress.

Easy to setup, simple to use and reliability and least hassles are some positive aspects that you get when you hire our SMTP servers for your WordPress website.

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