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VPS hosting

VPS hosting: A new age solution to old age problems.

An ever-expanding business enterprise requires flexibility in operations, communication and even management. A good hosting platform should therefore enable a business to grow further and remain competitive over time by meeting its customers’ needs.

VPS is quickly becoming the preferred hosting solution for a number of businesses across the globe. The benefits of VPS hosting truly speak for themselves in many aspects. First, upgrading to VPS is quite affordable always delivers the right results for the business because it enables greater efficiency. Just like owning a condo gives one more ownership over resources than an apartment, so does VPS allow more control over resources than shared hosting.
Most business managers will agree that the power that comes with VPS gives the business the flexibility to create its unique identity that will make it stand out for customers to identify with. Moreover, VPS provides a larger capacity to accommodate all the contents of the enterprise and allow for expandability if need be. This especially is important for companies that experience variability in traffic like tourism, eCommerce, or event related businesses. At least 50% of an eCommerce business revenue is generated online hence the greater the importance to maintain an online presence.

For instance, during a holiday season, companies may sometimes offer promotional packages that might encourage a sales boom. This implies increased traffic to that particular network. The current resources might not be capable of handling such volumes of data and might in turn become slow especially on a shared server. VPS hosting helps to do away with network downtime experienced in high traffic seasons like in shared server platforms.

How to go about it

The upgrade to a server VPS is completely painless and simple. At, we advise you on what best works for your business with no hidden charges. We offer in depth consultation on our various VPS packages and their data transfer limits so that you are able to make an informed choice. We will work with you every step of the way and ensure that you are satisfied with the services provided. We evaluate the present and future client base and provide the best hosting solution that will ensure continued growth of the business and offer a good return for investment. We offer favorable pricing rates from as low as $1999 annually with the option of monthly payments as well. stands out for its consistency in service provision with an excellent record in customer service.

We provide VPS hosting with impressive speeds of up to 9,000 emails per hour at the cost of 0.00013 cents per email. This means that you are safe from the dreadful downtimes even when their traffic suddenly pumps up. It would be unfortunate especially for a small or medium sized business to loss revenues during 'high season’. That is why has provides a number of VPS packages to suit different business types and sizes. The servers can be scaled as required and deployed instantly to create room for the increasing data volumes.

VPS management provide a stable, scalable and secure solution that will ensure a consistent flow of resources with advanced capabilities for monitoring and server control. With VPS SMTP it is easy for you to monitor and determine the amount of resources you require periodically as the platform provides greater access for users.
We also provide virtual server management if and when required and therefore make it easier for our clients to operate their businesses smoothly. Further, we can help you understand the ins and outs of managing your server to foster greater access to your allocated network resources.

Just like a landlord would, we ensure that other users operations do not infringe on the rest of the users’ rights to use shared resources. We therefore strive to maintain and optimize a conducive environment for all users across our servers through our privacy policy. This also goes a long way in ensuring security for our users and in turn creating trust between the businesses and their customers.

A dependable partner in business has for long maintained a cordial relationship with its clients and dedicated to carry on with this trend for a long time to come. The commitment to customer satisfaction is a clearly portrayed in the service agreement and the response to customer needs. With an ever-available qualified customer service team, our executives are able to respond to any queries by the customers.
When it comes to hosting we know it all! Visit our website to know more about us, make orders or enquiries at your convenience.

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