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What are SMTP Relays?

What are SMTP Relays?

For a business, the need to send bulk emails is obvious. Email marketing makes up a good part of a firm’s online marketing strategy, and to see to it, there is the plain fact that thousands of emails need to be sent out. The larger the email database is, the more emails are involved, and the more imperative it is to choose an email SMTP server service provider that you can trust. specializes in this service and it has assisted hundreds of companies in this line of business. Thanks to our SMTP service these businesses managed to carry out effective email marketing campaigns, which in turn helped them to develop relationships with their clients, as well as increase their sales and profits.

For those who do not know what SMTP actually means, it is quite simple. For starters it stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Whenever an email is sent, the email service will connect to the configured SMTP and communicate by means of the SMTP protocol. Once this process is completed, the email can be sent. The SMTP relay is basically the process of transferring the email from one server to another. Your SMTP server will relay the email to the server where there is the recipient. So, simply put, relaying is the process where one server accepts an email from another server. Now, in our case, since we are focusing on an SMTP Relay, this means that the email is being routed through a third party, which will then see to the delivery of your emails. This is where we come into play. We specialize in sending bulk messages, such as newsletters, for example, on your behalf. As an SMTP relay provider we can help you to send large volumes of email, without low limits or with the probability of having them end up in spam or remain undelivered. You do not want your delivery rate to suffer, as that will result in a much less effective email marketing campaign. Thus, it is important that you entrust this job in the hands of a reputable SMTP server service provider. Apart from seeing to the delivery of your emails, we will also be monitoring them, and seeing to the mail server upkeep.

Many businesses decide that it is more cost effective and a time saving decision to outsource these tasks to an SMTP relay provider. Large outgoing mail jobs as in the case of newsletters and automated emails can be managed professionally and efficiently in this manner. Our services are scalable and we will advise you on whether there is the need to add additional capacity as we go along, depending on your business needs.

Hence our SMTP hosting and relay services are totally scalable and measurable, and as reliable as can be.
As your business grows, you will discover that this is a step that you will need to take. The benefits of opting for an SMTP relay service are numerous.

• You will be able to send emails in a hassle free manner. Peer to peer servers cannot cater for your needs when you need to send large volumes of emails. Imagine how many notifications, verification or activation emails you may need to send, especially if your website has lots of traffic. You do not want to look unprofessional by having such emails being delivered and listed as spam emails. To avoid such a situation, an SMTP mail server service is the solution.

• Our SMTP relay service is professional and reliable. We use the best delivery infrastructure so as to have our clients benefit from a totally scalable and measurable service.

• We ensure that emails are delivered. Even in cases such as when the IP of the company has been compromised or seen as spam.

• Our SMTP service is flexible and comprehensive. We also offer email tracking and management services.

• You will benefit from real time analytics so as to be in a better position to keep track of what is going on, and make decisions in an informed manner.

Contact for more information and to avail of guidance in selecting the package that will best suit your needs. We will ensure that you will not compromise on scalability and efficiency, and that the required demand for outgoing emails will be met. Contact us for an SMTP service that is ideal for your needs and for your budget. You will then be able to carry out a truly effective email marketing campaign that will certainly deliver beyond your expectations.

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