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What are the SMTP commands and how they prove useful with SMTP SERVERS?

SMTP servers have become a sort of norm for effectively carrying out email marketing campaigns. However when sending bulk emails with your SMTP servers it gets important to test the client and identify its support and compatibility with extended SMTP commands. Commands for SMTP are used by client computer to communicate with the SMTP server. An SMTP server understands the language of SMPT commands and there exists a whole list of commands that are used to communicate with SMTP servers.

Apart from basic commands, we provide SMTP servers that also support extended commands as well. Extended SMTP commands are also called extensions and provides for better flexibility and performance of the servers.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular and useful SMTP commands and their significance-
HELO – This one command is one of the most important and is used or sent by client to the server to identify it. The command is basically sent along with the domain name to initiate or trigger the SMTP communication. The domain name along with the internet service provider address of the client is basically used as an argument and are send in the format of “HELO”.

EHLO – This one is an example of Extended SMTP command and this helps the server in identifying the support in respect to Extended SMTP commands. EHLO is quite a special command and can be used alone even without going for any other command in ESMTP command directory. The servers provided by SMTP cloud servers are compatible with EHLO and help you reply quite suitably by understanding these commands.

RCPT TO - The RCPT command is used for the purpose of specifying and identifying the address of the recipients. The RCPT TO command is highly useful and is used to send a single mail message to multiple recipients from a SMTP Mail Server with ease and suitability. The command can be used by specifying the email address of the concerned recipient and helps you maintain ease with bulk emailing.

MAIL FROM- The Mail From is quite important in respect to incoming mails and it helps specify the mail address of the sender. Encrypted as well as protected mails can often create problem for your emails server and it is for this reason MAIL FROM is used to get aware of the mailing address of the sender. SMTP Service provided by us tells the server that a new communication has been initiated and we help you send the command after the login process has been compiled with.

Some other useful SMTP commands –

TURN- The turn command is quite unique and helps the server as well as the client to reverse their roles and facilitate the sending of mail in reverse direction. An SMTP Email send in reverse direction does not require a new connection and can be sent quite easily.

SIZE - The size of the message plays a crucial role in its effectiveness and the SIZE command helps define exactly the same. SIZE command helps define the maximum size that the server can support for email messages.

Data – The DATA command is sent by the client or email campaigner to let go or allow the transfer of the data in the SMTP Mail. This includes text as well as attachments and is sent by the server line by line.

HELP – Another one of the most suitable commands, the HELP command helps the SMTP server sent useful and valuable information to the client. Information like list of supported commands identified by server as well as extended commands is some examples of information.

Benefits of availing the services of SMTP cloud servers –

SMTP commands play a pivotal role in initializing and maintain a perfect communication between the client and the SMTP server. We at are quite aware of the fact that commands play a suitable role in effective communication and it is the reason we provide Mail Server Test with SMTP commands for each client. This helps client understand the usage of command and get fluent with SMTP commands.

Another quite suitable benefit that our servers provide to you is that you are pretty much in safe hands with every command and security is maintained at all levels. Our servers are quite compatible with extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocols and we provide you the facility of forming a reply with each ESMTP. With SMTP Test for each ESMTP command we make sure that you get valuable service and get best Return on your investments.

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