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What does email deliverability mean?

Business promotion in last few years has become an activity that is undertaken online and there exists various tools to promote a business on the web. One business promotion technique that has become most popular in last one decade is email marketing. An email marketing campaign is the best way to reach to maximum customers in little time and it gives you the benefit of best return on investments. Business promotion by sending mails and newsletters to thousands of potential customers is called bulk emailing.

It is at this time gets important to ensure that no mail is treated as spam and gets delivered to the recipient within the stipulated time. Here, recipient meaning is the same as it is in laymen term and recipient is none but the potential customer to who mail is targeted or addressed. Email deliverability is the process of making sure that the mail has been delivered to the specified address and has been seen by the targeted customer. Email deliverability is checked with the help of application provided with SMTP server and we at SMTP cloud servers are quite capable and help you in providing email deliverability services at minimum costs.

Benefits of opting for email deliverability for your emails messages

Helps you get you aware of the status of send email

An email marketing is an activity where mails are send in bulk and it is a highly likely that not every mail will get delivered to the intended recipients. It is at this time; email deliverability tool comes handy and helps you know the status send mail. Whether the mail has been received, spammed, rejected or is stuck in between gets known through email deliverability. Queued Mail for Delivery is also known through email deliverability and helps you quite considerably in making sure that each mail has been delivered to the intended recipient. If any mail is not delivered or treated as spam then you get its status through delivery report and you simply can resend it to achieve a greater facility with your email marketing campaign.

Deliverability helps check email recipient response - Opting for SMTP servers with the help of is quite suitable and we provide your impeccable service of email deliverability. Not only Delivery Status but you can also check about the recipient response in respect to your email or newsletter. We provide you the facility of availing the information about recipient response and you can very easily check as to whether the recipient has opened the mail or clicked the link. You also get aware about whether the mail has been subscribed to or not. Deliverability tool helps you get aware about Delivery Report and you get in a better position to decide the next course of action in respect to email marketing campaign.

How you can increase your email deliverability

Email deliverability is simply associated to the fact as to how much your email marketing is effective. If each of your email or even 95% of all your mails are getting delivered with positive delivery report then you surely is on right track with your email marketing campaign. However, if the number of undelivered mails exceeds to 15 to 20% then you surely need to reformulate your email campaign to increase your email deliverability.

Here are few steps that you can practice to increase your email deliverability

• Always tests email that you are sending from the client of user email.

• Always make it a point to reach to inactive subscribers

• Make sure that you offer a plain text form of your email as well as HTML as well.

• You should opt for Delivery Status Notification from email deliverability tool and should also include a link down on the footer for unsubscriptions

• You should hire the services of and should setup a different domain for email marketing campaign to get aware of the better Delivery meaning and with deliverability.

• You should teach your recipient through emails and should make them aware about what does subscribe mean in respect to company and product.

Email deliverability is quite a potent tool and helps significantly in enhancing the performance of your email marketing campaign. Things like what does automation mean, subscription, soft bounce, hard bounce are quite crucial information. All this information is known with the help of email deliverability tool and helps your avail best benefits with your email marketing campaign and helps achieve best return on investments.

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