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What is error 550 and how you can reduce it

Among all the error replies for SMTP servers, 550 is the most common and is often comes with when a mail is not delivered to the intended recipient. Error 550 simply means or states that the targeted email address does not exist of are temporarily unavailable. The error message with 550 lets you recognize the fact that your mail message has been turned down due to non-existing mail address or either because of entry of wrong email address.

The SMTP error 550 is quite handy and makes you aware that you should remove the mail address from your mailing. This means that you should not sent anymore message to the concerned address otherwise you can end up with lot of error 550 messages. Receiving repeated 550 error message can prove quite harmful for your email deliverability and may cause a dent in your reputation. The receiving systems and ISP’s tent to develop an untoward feeling towards your address and your server is perceived as unsecure and along with unhygienic mailing list.

Ways to reduce error 550 messages

Delete unauthorized or unaccounted mail address- When using an Email Relay service, the most common cause that can affect your email campaign is deliverability. Lack of it is not good for your email campaign and leads to repeated email messages with 550 error. This error is the effect of using wrong, unauthorized as well as non-existent mails. To simply get rid of 550 Permission Denied issue you should simply delete every message that is replied with error code 550. You can create a list of deleted messages and put them in “error code 550” mail list. This can certainly help you keep a check on reducing undelivered mail messages which subsequently results in reduction of error code 550.

Replace unauthorized or non-existent mail addresses with new ones- Sending an email message to a prospective or existing client and receiving a 550 code can also be an effect of sharing of wrong email address. If you are sure about this fact that wrong mail address has been shared then your simply reach out to you client via Skype, twitter or Mobile to ask them about correct email address. Once you get a correct email address, you can simply replace with the wrong one to improve deliverability. The fact that you have corrected the mail address of the recipient and is sending a legitimate mail lands in your favor and you stand negligible chances of getting a FTP 550 reply message.

Get your server whitelisted - When you take help of servers for our email marketing campaign we make sure that you do not face the problem of error code 550. We help you contact with the company that maintains the receiving server of the concerned client and ask for white listing of your server. When you receive an error code message stating 550 with your email relay then it could simply be a cause of 550 Denied by Policy followed by recipient server. We at SMTP servers help you convince the recipient server company in whitelisting your server and eradicating 550 error message.

Modify your IP address – Email marketing requires you to send messages, newsletters in bulk to local as well as international clients. Receiving error messages 550 can be the effect of blocking of your ISP server address not your webhosting provider’s server. It is at this time you can simply opt for modifying of your IP address and go for a dynamic IP for SMTP server. Once you arrive with a dynamic IP address you can sort out Local Host Error as well as global and can simply reduce the percentage of 550 error code.

Here’s a list of common messages received with 550 error code

• 550 The address no longer exists

• 550 No such user with the given email address

• 550 unrouteable address unknown user

• 500 sorry but there is no mail address with such name

• 550 Non-existent email addresses – psmtp

• 550 rejected or Mail Relay denied

Benefits of availing the service of SMTP cloud servers

We at are quite aware of the issue of code 550 errors and it is the reason why we provide you the facility of dynamic IP address management service for Relayed email service. We make sure that deliverability for email messages is maximum and we help you quite perfectly in carrying out an effective email marketing campaign. We make sure that you are quite clear about error 550 SMTP Meaning and is able to combat yourself normal issues to carry out email services efficiently.

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