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What is port 587 used for?

One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to SMTP, is which port you should use for your SMTP server when it is being set on a mail client. First of all it is important to understand what a port is. Basically they are the communication endpoints, which allow a computer to be connected to a network. There are several ports, and they are separated in order to make it easier to differentiate the various processes involved. This also makes it easier to handle them, and each port will thus have a specific purpose and it will also be associated to a certain protocol.

When configuring a mail client one of the most important things is to make sure that you are setting the right SMTP port. Without this, it will not be possible for the email delivery process to proceed properly.

Port 587 is often mentioned for SMTP. The default SMTP port is actually port 25. However this email port is used extensively, making it much more prone to spam and malware. In fact there are a number of IPs which end up denying its use simply because of this. In order to avoid such a block, it is recommended to use port 587, or port 465.

Port 587 is the outgoing SMTP mail port. Sometimes it is referred to as SMTP TLS port, or TLS Start. The most important feature of the 587 port is that it is the best alternative to port 25, and this has made port 587 be considered as an official mail submission port. Port 587 utilizes the TCP Protocol when it comes to mail sending. It then uses the UDP Port for the submission of emails it employs. Nowadays popular mail clients, scuh as Gmail and Yahoo, use port 587 in a bid to provide their users with enhanced security for mail submission.

Port 587 is known to be supported by most outgoing SMTP servers. It is ideal for unencrypted and TLS connections. For this reason port 587 is known to reduce the rate of messages that end up getting rejected. Thus it is ideal when it comes to sending mass emails, as in the case of newsletters, or in email marketing campaigns. To couple this advantage up and guarantee best deliverability rates, you can also opt for a dedicated SMTP server, which could practically handle an unlimited number of emails within a given period of time. SMTP Cloud Servers in fact offers competitive rates on a range of dedicated server options. In these cases the best results are always attained when hiring a professional SMTP server provider, as you would be able to benefit from no risks since filtering will be seen to along with all others relevant aspects.

From our experience, we know that one of the most critical factors is to ensure that the SMTP port is set to make the email server handle all the mail effectively. Hence, when you hire SMTP Cloud Servers you may rest assured that once you opt for the port 587 for the submission of your emails, we shall provide an SSL Port number to your port. This will continue to improve its reliability and security. The secure socket layer will also see to the provision of better encryptions for the emails as thanks to it there is practically no fear that the mail may get hacked or end up in spam.

Hence, when using port 587 for emails, you are basically going to be safer, as well as avoiding all the problems associated with port 25. This is even stated in SMTP Wiki, and it is thus something that has been proven to be so. can guarantee that we will see to it all on your behalf, so that all your outgoing emails will remain secure. Since Port 587 is practically being treated as acceptable by all servers, and it can be considered as a standard for outgoing mail submission. We know that it is really important to pair with this port, and that is why we have made sure to design our servers to be compatible with port 587. We can thus guarantee you the most secure and reliable email submission possible. This is just one of the roles that we have as a service provider. We support port 587 and provide services that are related to it, we provide assistance with server issues, and we also provide a range of SMTP servers at prices that can fit your budget and your needs.

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