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Why Hotmail SMTP servers are not appropriate for email marketing campaign

Email marketing is one of the best tools to promote the activities of your business and provides you best return on investments. Business promotion with the help of email marketing can prove quite a daunting task and to get the best results it becomes important to devise a perfect strategy with the help of an email marketing agency. Promoting your activities via email marketing requires you to send emails in bulk and for this purpose it gets important to take assistance of a perfect outgoing mail server.

There are various client mail servers like Gmail, yahoo that are sort of handy but are not completely compatible. Another one such mail server that business organizations at times choose as their preferred mail server is Hotmail. One of the oldest SMTP server, Hotmail as an outgoing mail server too comes with its set of drawbacks and limits the user to send emails after a certain number on daily basis. Here are some of most identifiable drawbacks that Hotmail comes with to cause hiccups in your email marketing campaign-

Restriction on adding recipients after a certain number- The whole purpose of designing an email marketing campaign is to carry out effective communication with large amount of potential customers of the company. When you take assistance of SMTP server from us we provide you with the ability of adding innumerable number of recipients to your email server account. This helps you send similar mails to ample amount of potential customers in one go. But when you opt for client server of Hotmail, you are simply restricted and are debarred from sending emails to more than a certain defined number. The Hotmail SMTP Settings puts restriction on adding up of recipients after a certain level and you are limited to only sending mails to only a few individuals in go.

Low return on investments – Hotmail being one of the oldest servers for SMTP did not evolve with time and the effect of which is its continuously diminishing popularity. The Hotmail Setup is quite costly to avail and it does not offer you with flexible benefits. Apart from this you run the risk of getting your account blocked by the security team of Hotmail if you exceed the limit of mails you send on daily basis. As low as up-to thousand mails can be sent from Hotmail and you are only allowed to add approximately only 500 recipients to your account. This fact is not at all suitable from any stretch of imagination and you run a clear risk of availing low returns on investments.

Hotmail does not provide its brand name to your email marketing – Among the various Hotmail Problems that its client faces, one of the most discouraging is that Hotmail does not provide its brand name with your marketing mails. The fact that it stays away from every marketing activity that you roll out is quite discouraging and this certainly does not give the prospective clients of the business a good feel about the organization. Every email goes through the servers of the Hotmail and it simply encrypts its name from the email and does not let recipients know about its presence. This fact is quite unsupportive and you clearly face lack of branding for your emails.

Lack of updates and visible appeal makes matter worse - The most basic problem that SMTP servers of hotmail have faced over the years is that they have not been updated at all. Hotmail is like Orkut in the age of facebook and it lacks templates, designs and layouts. Drafting a message with the help of Hotmail is absolutely one of the most uninteresting activities that you will ever indulge yourself in. There is nothing with Hotmail Settings that could be done to make a message look attractive and you are starved of creative images as well as templates. Hotmail is simply out of date and we at SMTP servers are always dedicated to provide you benefits that you have always been looking with Hotmail.

The Hotmail Pop-up is not one of the best around and you face resistance from clients in getting a favorable response for your mails. Setting up a server with Hotmail at times gets quite difficult and Hotmail IMAP Settings also become quite rigid at times that you lack flexibility as well as reliability. All these problems are not experienced with and are a powerful reliable, hassle free service providers that maximizes returns for all your promotional and transactional emails.

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