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Why You Should Set Up Your Own Outgoing Mail Server?

Why You Should Set Up Your Own Outgoing Mail Server?

Whether you are a businessman or a professional, as long as you do a lot of your transactions online like sending emails, having an outgoing mail server is a must. This enables you to handle emails whether you are at home, at work, or whether you are on the road. By setting up an outgoing mail server, you will never worry about sending and handling your emails again.

What is an Outgoing Mail Server?

A mail server handles the delivery of email over a network like the Internet. An outgoing mail server or SMTP (which stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the server you use when you send emails depending on what website hosts your email account. SMTP is only applicable when one sends outgoing messages.
On one hand, there are servers that host public email accounts like Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail. You are able to send emails through these email services for free. On the other hand, there are servers which host business and personal websites and thus, the hosting provider can also serve as the mail server.
You should note, however, that some ISP’s forbid you to use your own outgoing mail sever. As an alternative, you can use their own. Should you wish to set up and to use your own, it is best to coordinate with your Internet Service Provider.

Should you set up your own Outgoing Mail Server?

The question now that you have to ask is: should you use public email services for your business, or should you opt to have your own SMTP server?
Here are 3 reasons why you should set up your own outgoing mail server for your business:
1. You get to keep the server all to yourself. When you use the servers of public emails services or third party SMTP servers, you share the service with other users. Whenever you send an email through their server, you share the bandwidth with businessmen and marketers alike. As a result, you are affected by the traffic caused by the activities of other users; and, for instance, if one of those marketers are blocked, you will likely be blocked as well until the issue is resolved.
2. You have complete control with your emails. In relation to the reason discussed above, you have control as to what happens with your emails. You will be able to monitor the status of every email you sent—if it was received by the recipient or if it bounced back. Your SMTP server will be able to generate reports regarding this.
You can also have full control with the number of emails you send. Most ISP’s and some third parties limit the numbers of email you can send. You will also not be limited by other restrictions they enforce.
Moreover, you control the privacy and confidentiality of your emails and of your recipients. By having your own mail server, the information you use for your emails are not vulnerable to attacks. You are secured and your data will not be easily compromised.
3. Its economical. Although it might cost you a reasonable amount in setting up your own mail server, the time, money, and effort you save in the long run will be worth the investment.

So what are you waiting for? Set up your own outgoing mail server now! Good luck!

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